Overlord Watch Order: How to Watch Overlord in Order

Overlord is best watched following its chronological order of release. The series maintains a straightforward timeline. Thus, new or existing viewers will not find it difficult to catch up on all 4 seasons of the anime. Seasons 1 to 4 cover the main story, while the first two films are skippable recaps of the first season.

Additionally, there is an OVA (Original Video Animation), three specials with a different storyline separate from the main plot, and an upcoming sequel film in the works.

The Overlord anime series revolves around the story of Momonga, a powerful player in the popular virtual reality game called Yggdrasil. However, when the game’s servers are scheduled to shut down, Momonga decides to stay logged in until the end. To his surprise, the game doesn’t end, and Momonga finds himself trapped in the game world, transformed into his skeletal in-game avatar, Ainz Ooal Gown.

How to Watch Overlord in Order

As previously mentioned, the best way to watch Overlord is according to the chronological order of its release. Start your journey into the world of anime with Season 1, where the stage is set, and the foundations of the story are laid. Witness the enigmatic protagonist, Momonga, navigate the treacherous world of Yggdrasil, a virtual game turned perilous reality.

Proceed to Season 2, delving deeper into the intricate plot. Experience the evolution of characters, the unfolding of political schemes, and intense battles that will leave you on the edge of your seat. To further enrich your Overlord experience, delve into the two compilation films that recap the events of the series. However, you can choose to skip the recap.

Afterward, move on to Season 3, where the stakes heighten, and the story takes unexpected twists. Explore the vast lore and immerse yourself in the conflicts and conquests that shape the fate of this mesmerizing world.

And while you wait for future releases, continue the enthralling story with its political intrigues in Season 4.

Overlord Watch Order: How to Watch Overlord in Order
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Overlord Season 1 Release Date

Season 1 of the series was released on July 7, 2015, and aired from 7th July 2025, till September 25, 2015.

Overlord Season 2 Release Date

Released on the 10th of January 2018, season 2 aired from January 10, 2018, till April 4, 2018.

Overlord Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 was released on July 11, 2018, and aired from July 11, 2018 to October 2, 2018.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

Overlord’s season 4 was released on the 5th of July 2022 and aired from July 5, 2022, to September 27, 2022.

Where to Watch Overlord Television Show

With its captivating storyline and intense action, the series can be enjoyed on various streaming platforms. Whether you prefer to join the protagonist in conquering virtual realms or uncover the mysteries of an immersive game world, these streaming services offer a gateway to non-stop excitement in the captivating world of Overlord.

If you are new to the show or a fan looking to binge-watch the series, here is a list of popular streaming platforms where you can watch the Overlord television show:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • Hulu
  • Hotstar
  • Tubi
  • AppleTV
  • Netflix (availability may vary by region)

To finish watching the series, it will take you 25 hours and 51 minutes, or around 2 days.

How Many Seasons of Overlord Are There?

There are a total of 4 seasons of Overlord available to watch. Produced by Madhouse and directed by Naoyuki Itou, the first season aired from July 7 to September 29, 2015, and adapted the first three volumes of the light novels. Following the first season, two compilation films were released in Japan on February 25 and March 11, 2017, respectively. These films recapped the events of season 1.

Season 2, titled Overlord II, was announced during the screenings of the second compilation film. It premiered on January 9, 2018, and covered volumes 4 to 6 of the light novels.

Subsequently, Season 3, known as Overlord III, was announced on April 3, 2018, and aired from July 10 to October 2, 2018. It covered volumes 7 to 9 of the light novels.

On May 8, 2021, it was announced that Season 4, titled Overlord IV, was in production. The fourth of the overlord season aired from July 5 to September 27, 2022. Season 4 covers volumes 10, 11, and 14 of the light novels.

How Many Overlord Episodes are There?

There are 52 Overlord episodes in total. Each of the 4 seasons of Overlord has 13 episodes. The first season consists of 13 episodes, the second season has 13 episodes as well, and the third and the fourth season also have 13 episodes, bringing the total number of overlord episodes to 52.

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