Sasuke Curse Mark Pattern, Meaning and Levels

The Sasuke curse mark is a cursed seal that Orochimaru branded on Sasuke. The seal appears as a raging, flame-like shape that spreads all over his body. The seal gave Sasuke increased chakra levels and physical abilities, but it also left his body at the mercy and control of Orochimaru.

Sasuke is, however, able to resist Orochimaru’s attempts to overtake his body, and his elder brother, Itachi Uchiha, eventually seals Orochimaru away and frees him from the cursed seal forever.

Sasuke Curse Mark Meaning

Sasuke Curse mark refers to a cursed seal that Sasuke Uchiha received from Orochimaru, one of the greatest ninjas in the Naruto universe. The curse mark increased Sasuke’s chakra levels and physical abilities, and as such, he was able to wield great powers in combat that were on the same level as Naruto’s One-Tailed Form.

The cursed seal, however, comes with its own disadvantages, as Orochimaru intended to use it to gain control of the cursed individual’s body and exercise his powers through the person.

Sasuke Curse Mark Pattern

Sasuke’s curse mark pattern is a raging, flame-like shape that spreads all over his body. This is level one of the curse mark. In level 2, Sasuke’s skin turns grey, and his hair lengthens. A dark star-shaped mark appears across the bridge of his nose, and he develops wings from his back which he can use to fly and glide.

Source of Sasuke’s Curse Mark

Sasuke got the curse mark from Orochimaru. Orochimaru is one of the greatest ninjas in the Naruto universe. He is also a seeker of knowledge and conducts all forms of experiments in a bid to gain immortality. One such experiment that he conducted involved a great ninja known as Jugo. Jugo was afflicted with violent rages and approached Orochimaru to help heal him.

Orochimaru was, however, not interested in helping him but was more interested in how Jugo was able to harness strength from the natural energy he had absorbed. Orochimaru sought to replicate this ability in himself, but he was unable to achieve that feat. He, therefore, decided to exercise that ability through other people by taking control of other bodies.

To achieve this, Orochimaru utilized a mixture of Jugo’s enzymes and his own Senjutsu Chakra and created the cursed seal. He then placed that cursed seal on several individuals in order to take control of their bodies and exercise the powers and abilities of the cursed seal through them. One such individual was Sasuke.

How Sasuke Got His Curse Mark

Sasuke received the curse mark after Orochimaru bit him on the neck during the second stage of the ninja exams, known as Chūnin. At the time of the exam, Orochimaru had been exiled from the village of Konoha. He, however, disguised himself and infiltrated the forest of death where the ninja exam was taking place. He battled Sasuke and his teammates, namely Naruto and Sarada. He observed Sasuke’s impressive ninja skills and proceeded to bite him on the left side of his neck, thus placing the cursed seal on him.

When active, the cursed seal saps Sasuke’s own chakra and replaces it with a larger amount of Orochimaru’s, thus increasing his strength and speed. Though useful, Sasuke’s early use of the cursed seal was often involuntary, and painful and briefly immobilized him afterward. Orochimaru placed the cursed seal on Sasuke in part 1 of Naruto.

Sasuke Curse Mark Level 1

Sasuke curse mark level 1 is the basic/first level of the cursed seal that Orochimaru placed on Sasuke. Sasuke’s curse mark level 1 appears as a raging, flame-like pattern that spreads all over his body.

Beyond this physical appearance, it gives him increased chakra levels as well as increased strength and speed. One downside of Sasuke’s curse mark level 1 is that he does not have complete control over it. He uses it involuntarily, and it causes him pain. It also temporarily affects his ability to move.

Sasuke Curse Mark Level 2

Sasuke curse mark level 2 is the second stage of the cursed seal that Orochimaru placed on Sasuke. Sasuke curse mark level 2 leads to a transformation of Sasuke’s whole body. His skin turns grey, and his hair grows in length. A dark, star-shaped mark also appears across the bridge of his nose.

Sasuke’s curse mark level 2 also sees him develop webbed claw-shaped wings from his back which he could use to fly and glide. Also, he is able to replace his lost limbs with snakes. Mentally, Sasuke is now able to take full control of his increased strength and speed powers.

Sasuke curse mark
Sasuke curse mark level 1 Image Source

Level 3 Sasuke Curse Mark

Level 3 Sasuke curse mark does not exist as Sasuke’s curse mark has only levels one and two. Fans of Naruto have, however, been fantasizing about a level three and have penned some fan fiction to the effect.

One of those fan fiction has it that during Sasuke’s battle with his older brother, his chakra will burst forth like a purple aura. This extra chakra comes from taping into the true power of the Curse Mark with his Sharingan eyes, and he will then kill his brother.

Sasuke Curse Mark Level 4

Sasuke curse mark level 4 does not exist and may never come about, given that he is now a repented fellow. Sasuke makes it into part 3 of Naruto, which is Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In Boruto, he has repented from his misguided ways. He bonds with his family. He also helps out Naruto and mentors his son.

Sasuke curse mark
Sasuke curse mark level 2 Image Source

How Sasuke Lost His Seal

Sasuke lost his seal after his elder brother, Itachi, stabbed his body with the Sword of Totsuka. Initially, when Orochimaru bit Sasuke on the neck, the pain of the cursed seal overwhelmed Sasuke, and he passed out. He later regained consciousness, but the seal made him savagely attack his opponents. He later regains his senses, following his teammate’s pleas, and the influence of the cursed seal recedes. In this way, he is able to prevent Orochimaru from taking control of his body.

Sasuke subsequently tries to make use of the cursed seals in battle, but his teacher, Kakashi, advises against it. Kakashi teaches him the Chidori technique as an alternative to the cursed seal powers. He (Kakashi) also uses the Evil Sealing Method on his cursed seal so that it won’t flare up as often.

Despite all this, Sasuke voluntarily decides to explore the powers of the cursed seals some more and embarks on a quest to meet Orochimaru. He eventually subdues and absorbs Orochimaru into his consciousness. He then continues on his ultimate quest to defeat his elder brother, Itachi. During the battle between both brothers, Orochimaru takes control of Sasuke’s body. Itachi then stabs Sasuke’s body with the Sword of Totsuka. By doing this, he seals Orochimaru away and forever removes the cursed seal from Sasuke’s body.


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