Sound of Freedom Release Date

Sound of Freedom’s release date was July 4, 2023, for the United States, but the UK release date is still yet to be announced. The $14.5 million budget film was released in the United States by Angel Studios and although it was welcomed by mixed reviews, it still grossed $85 million in the first 2 weeks of its release. 

The American action film has been in the waiting room for fans for a long time since it was completed in 2018, but because of Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of the Latin America subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, which had the initial distribution rights, the film was kept aside for a long while.

When Was Sound of Freedom Released in the US?

The movie was released on the 4th of July, 2023, in the United States. This came after its release date was made known at the annual Illuminate event of Angel Studios on May 11, 2023.

The 131-minute movie was only seen in theatres across the country after its release, leading to its incredible box office record of over $85 million a week after its release. At the time it was released, it was not available on streaming platforms, including Netflix.

When is Sound of Freedom’s Release Date in the UK and Other Countries?

Following the release of the movie in the United States and the successes it has recorded, one would expect that Sound of Freedom‘s release date for the United Kingdom and other countries would be made known. However, for now, there is still no date given.

Apart from the UK, the movie has not also been released in other countries around the world, neither has it been on streaming platforms. However, looking at how it has performed in the United States since its release, it is only a matter of time before streamers get to start enjoying the movie.

What is the Sound of Freedom About?

Sound of Freedom tells the true life story of an American, Tim Ballard, who resigned from his work with Homeland Security Investigations where he worked as a special agent. During his time working with the HSI, he got people arrested for child exploitation, but because he realized that none of the kids involved had ever been saved from being exploited, he decided to leave his job and focus on saving kids.

The movie also tells of a poor father of two in Honduras by the name of Roberto. His two kids disappeared after a former beauty queen,  Katy-Gisselle, promised to sign them into modeling.

Tim eventually rescues one of Roberto’s kids before he continues to rescue many other kids, and then gets Katy-Gisselle and others involved in the sadistic behavior apprehended. He continues his journey to Colombia after realizing that Roberto’s second child, a girl named Miguel was sold to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. He kills the leader of the rebel who turned the little girl into his sex slave, and then Tim frees and returns her back to her father.

What Happened To The Sound of Freedom Movie?

A lot of things have happened to Sound of Freedom from the time it was conceived until it finally hit the screens in 2023. The idea for the movie came about years ago, and then in 2015, the script was completed. The filming was not completed until 2018, by which time it was set for release in the theatres.

However, it remained on the shelf for another five years before it was seen by the public. The reason for this is that after it was done, the producers of the film had a deal with 20th Century Fox to serve as the distributors, but less than a year later, the Walt Disney Company stepped in and bought 20th Century Fox.

What this means is that Disney became the owner of everything, including ongoing and completed projects and deals of 20th Century Fox, including Sound of Freedom.

You would think that finally, there was light at the end of the long wait for the movie, but Disney did not have plans for the work, and it kept it back on the shelf. It took the producers of the film five more years since production to finally get the film back and release it through Angel Studios.

Sound of Freedom Cast

Sound of Freedom brings together some amazing cast members. The film, which was directed and co-written by Mexican director, Alejandro Monteverde, has some talented actors, including Jim Caviezel, who takes the role of anti-trafficking activist Tim Ballard, Mira Sorvino, who plays Tim’s wife Katherine Ballard, and Bill Camp, who takes the role of Vampiro, a man who has experienced a turnover from a cartel accountant to someone who is working to save kids from sex trafficking.

Others are Eduardo Verástegui, who takes the role of Paul, and then Javier Godino as Jorge. While Paul is a wealthy man, Jorge is a Colombian police officer, and the two men join forces to help stop sex trafficking.

The cast members of Sound of Freedom also include José Zúñiga who plays Roberto; Kurt Fuller, who appears as Frost, Gary Basaraba as Earl Buchanan, Gerardo Taracena as El Alacrán; and Scott Haze as Chris. To complete the main cast, members of the movie are Gustavo Sánchez Parra as El Calacas, Yessica Borroto as Gisselle, and then Kris Avedisian as Ernst Ohinsky.


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