The ketsuryugan Eye, Powers and Abilities Explored

Ketsuryugan eyes refer to eyes that can perform powerful visual abilities (Dojutsu) in the Naruto universe. They are passed down through the bloodlines (Kekkei Genkai). It is unique to the Chinoike clan, as only certain members of the clan have inherited it. For those lucky ones, the Ketsuryugan eyes give them incredible powers, such as the ability to cast strong Genjutsu.

They also have the ability to manipulate the blood of other human beings, making them a formidable weapon against their opponent. The abilities of the Ketsuryugan eyes are simply mind-blowing, and it has been ranked amongst the top three Dojutsu powers in the Naruto universe.

What is the Ketsuryugan Eye?

The Ketsuryugan eye is one of the most powerful Dojutsu Kekkei Genkai in the Naruto world. Dojutsu means that it is a visual ability, i.e., the wielders of this power exercise it through their eyes which assume a special appearance when they are doing so. Kekkei Genkai literally translates into bloodline limit and is used to refer to powerful abilities that are passed down genetically in the Naruto world and are only available for members of a certain clan.

It, therefore, means that the Ketsuryugan eye is not a generally available power in the Naruto series but can only be inherited by members of a certain clan. It is not an ability that can be stolen or acquired through years of training. It can only be found in those that have inherited it.

Ketsuryugan eyes
The Ketsuryugan eyes of the Chinoike clan Image Source

What Does The Ketsuryugan Eye Look Like?

When an individual who wields the Ketsuryugan eye is exercising that particular power, the irises of his or her eyes will suddenly turn reddish while the pupil will be a single line that is purple in color. Such a formidable appearance is the reason why the Ketsuryugan eyes literally translate into blood dragon eyes. It has also been referred to as eyes as red as blood.

Ketsuryugan Abilities

Ketsuryugan abilities are Genjutsu and blood manipulation. These are the two broad categorizations of the abilities that the Ketsuryugan eyes give the wielder. For the uninitiated, Genjutsu is one of the three main Justus in the Naruto universe, with the others being Ninjutsu and Tajitsu.

Genjutsu literally means illusory techniques. It is the ability to perform illusions on an enemy which can trick them, disrupt their senses, or weaken them. Performing a Genjutsu requires hand seals as well as chakra (energy).

Another Ketsuryugan ability is blood manipulation or more accurately, the ability to manipulate iron. This is very useful when one comes across a human enemy. Human blood has a high level of iron content, meaning that one who wields Ketsuryugan eyes can manipulate the blood of another human being and make him or her explode.

Ketsuryugan eyes
The Ketsuryugan eyes Image Source

What Does the Ketsuryugan Do?

The Ketsuryugan can perform illusions that can be used to torment the mind of one’s opponent and weaken them. The Ketsuryugan eyes can also hypnotize a victim or even go into their minds to extract information. This is known as Genjutsu in the Naruto universe.

For the holder of the Ketsuryugan eyes to be able to cast this Genjutsu, he or she must stare into the eyes of the victim or physically touch them. He or she will then have his opponent under his control.

There have been some arguments about how powerful Ketsuryugan’s Genjutsu abilities are. There are some who believe that the Ketsuryugan’s Genjutsu casting abilities are even more powerful than that of the Sharingan eyes because someone caught under it cannot escape it until the caster frees him. In fact, it has been said that only members of the Uchiha clan have the ability to escape the Ketsuryugan’s Genjutsu powers of their own free will.

There are, however, others who believe that even though the Ketsuryugan’s Genjutsu casting abilities are awesome, it doesn’t measure up to that of the Sharingan eyes or the Byakugan.

This is one argument that won’t go away anytime soon. While it rages on, another thing that the Ketsuryugan can do is it can manipulate any liquid that has a high level of iron concentration. One such liquid is human blood. It, therefore, means that the wielder of the Ketsuryugan eyes can manipulate the blood of his or her victim. He can cause the blood of the victim to expand so much that the body will explode. He can also return the victim to their true state by cutting their wrist and expelling the blood.

Who Has Ketsuryugan Eyes in Naruto? 

The only two people that have Ketsuryugan eyes in Naruto are Chino and her father, En Oyashiro. This is because they are members of the Chinoike clan. The Ketsuryugan eyes are unique to members of the Chinoike clan. The clan was wiped out in an attack, and only Chino and her father survived, which made them the only ones to retain the Ketsuryugan eyes. Chino put hers to good use as she grew up.

For instance, when she embarked on a vicious battle against Fūshin (also known as Nowaki) at the Coliseum, she found it hard to defeat him. It was only when she deployed her Ketsuryugan abilities that she finally subdued him, and he became her father’s slave. Ironically, Chino and Fūshin would later become very good friends and fight partners, and she came to his aid with her Ketsuryugan abilities.

For instance, Chino and Fūshin were able to escape with other enslaved children from her father. Fūshin and the children then formed the Lighting Group, which stole from criminals and donated the loot to poor villagers. The Lightning Group was later betrayed by a particular village named Kirigaure, and they were attacked by ninjas from that particular group. Chino joined in the fight and uses her Ketsuryugan abilities to make one of the ninjas explode.

Chino and Fūshin, and other Lighting Group members ultimately won that fight, but their battles were not yet over. Fūshin once more had to battle against the powerful Sasuke Uchiha, who saw him as a troublemaker disturbing the villagers. Fūshin tried to subdue Uchiha with various abilities, including Typhoon Release – his power to create storms that can cover an entire island. But this did not work on Uchiha. Fūshin was nearly killed by Uchiha, but Chino used her Ketsuryugan abilities to confuse Uchiha, and they were able to escape.


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