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Tenseigan, also known as Reincarnation Eye, is a dōjutsu introduced in The Last: Naruto the Movie. Tenseigen is a powerful Dojutsu used by the Otsutsuki clan, including Hamura Ōtsutsuki and his descendants. The Eye is characterized by a blue pupil surrounded by a blue and white flower-like iris.

Tenseigen can be awakened by a combination of a Byakugan and the Chakra of an Otsusuki clan member. It has several abilities that help the user control attractive and repulsive forces. It is also similar to Rinnegan.

What is the Tenseigan?

As stated above, the Tenseigan is a powerful dōjutsu that is always used by the Ōtsutsuki clan. It literally means Reincarnation Eye, which can be easily identified by a blue pupil usually surrounded by a blue and white floral-like iris.

In the Naruto movie, the Tenseigan was first displayed by Hamura Ōtsutsuki, son of princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki‎‎ and younger twin brother of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki.

The Tenseigan Eye can be formed when Ōtsutsuki is implanted with the Byakugan of a Hyūga. With the combination of two bloodlines of Ōtsutsuki and Hyūga clans, their Chakra changes Byakugan into the Tenseigan. This could be seen after Hamura’s time by one of his descendants, Toneri Ōtsutsuki, who awakened the Tenseigan by kidnapping Hanabi Hyūga and stealing her Byakugan.

Toneri was born without eyes and had to do this because of the sealing away of his clan’s eyes within the energy vessel. As the only surviving member of the Ōtsutsuki clan, he concluded that mankind used Chakra for evil purposes. As such, he was determined to fulfill his clan’s thousand-year desire and destroy humanity by awakening the Tenseigan and dropping the Moon on the Earth.

Although the transformation took several days to complete, Toneri experiences continuous painful pulsations in his eyes which subsides only when he rests. After the transformation, the ordinary white Byakugan acquires blue pupils filled with an overlapping white flower-like pattern.

Tenseigan Powers: What Does Tenseigan Do?

The Tenseigan Eye allows the bearer to gain control over attractive and repulsive forces, which is quite similar to the Rinnegan. It also enables the wielder Tenseigan Chakra Mode, which gives the bearer exceptional speed, strength, power, reflexes, and durability.

More so, the chakra mode of the Tenseigan also gives the bearer access to the Truth-Seeking Balls, culminating in the five nature transformations and Yin-Yang Release.

The bearer has reanimating objects, as seen with Toneri when he reanimated a Stone Monument of Hamura Otsutsuki. The Golem could even go as far as shower meteors. It was able to overwhelm Kurama temporarily. All these abilities enable the user to inflict massive destruction. In Naruto, Toneri created a silver-colored Typhoon and a huge gold sword, strong enough to divide the Moon by half.

Summary of Tenseigan Eye Abilities

  • Truth Seeker Orbs (which are the most broken Justu in All of Naruto)
  • A Chakra Cloak releasing up to Kcm2 in power
  • Reincarnation abilities
  • Diva paths abilities

Who Has the Tenseigan?

In Naruto: The Movie, the Tenseigan Eye can only be used by the Otsutsuki clan. Hamura Otsutsuki and Toneri Otsutsuki are those that can awaken the Tenseigan. However, others had a different Tenseigan in the movie, as you can see below:

Hamura Otsutsuki

Hamura Otsutsuki has a Tenseigan, which he awakened at some point. Before his death, he sealed their power into an Energy Vessel, also referred to as Hamua Otsutsuki’s Tenseigan.

The vessel is used by the Ōtsutsuki clan members that live on the moon. According to the Naruto guidebook, Retsu no Sho, Hamura had created the energy vessel so that its accumulated power could be used to help the occupants of Earth after a thousand years.

Toneri Otsutsuki

Toneri Otsutsuki also has Tenseigan, which he awakened by kidnapping Hanabi Hyūga and implanting her pure Byakugan. His eyes have been sealed in the Energy Vessel since his birth. When he activates the Tenseigan, Toneri uses it to animate a gigantic golem directed against Naruto.

He can also enter the Chakra Mode, which gives him many Truth-Seeking Balls and flying abilities. In the Chakra Mode, Toneri can use the balls offensively and defensively; attacking by infusing them with his Chakra makes them glow green. However, as Naruto defeated Toneri, his Tenseigan fizzled out and reverted to his Byakugan.

Yama Ōtsutsuki

Yama Ōtsutsuki has a Tenseigan that enables him to use his cloak. The Tenseigan also allows him to enter the Chakra Mode, which increases his strength, speed, reflexes, and durability.

Yama’s Tenseigan is black with a red lower-like iris when in a severe rage. Although it doesn’t amplify his power, he becomes more defensive, and his Tenseigan Chakra Mode turns black.

Fuyuki Haru

Fuyuki Haru has Tenseigan, which has an exception from the normal blue color. Her pink Tenseigan came from her Byaku-Seigan. Her white Byakugan turns sea green with a blue-white flower-like iris. However, when her Byakugan evolves into Tenseigan, the colors combine to create a pink hue.

Hikari Haru

Hikari Haru is a close relative of Fuyuki, and she also possesses a special Tenseigan. Before her eyes matured, it was like Fukuki’s sea green with a blue-white flower-like iris. However, when they evolved, the Tenseigan became blood red, which is different from Pink, which Fuyuki has.

This means that an individual’s Tenseigan Eye color might differ, even if they share blood ties. More so, her Tensiegan also becomes blood red in Chakra Mode.

Does Boruto Have Tenseigan?

No, Boruto does not have Tenseigan because he doesn’t have the Byakugan, which is a prerequisite for acquiring the Tenseigan. As mentioned earlier, the Tenseigan is a dōjutsu of the Ōtsutsuki Clan. Even though he is related to Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki through maternal lineage, his relationship is so distant that it could barely activate the Tenseigan.

Boruto’s lineage has been diluted; hence, he could not activate the Tenseigan. But theoretically, there is a hypothetical chance for a child of Sarada and Boruto to have this prerequisite than Boruto, which is one of the possible outcomes.

Tenseigan vs Rinnegan Compared

Some believe Tenseigan Eye is more powerful than Rinnegan, while others don’t. The Tenseigan has equal power with the Rinnegan, but it gives you a chakra mode with the Truth-Seeking Ball.

In Naruto, it makes Toneri as strong as Madara while using the dojutsu, but Madara can overwhelm a Sage-Tailed Beast Mode. More so, Rinnegan seems stronger, as Toneri isn’t as powerful as Madara while using Tenseigan.

Since Rinnegan is versatile with more base skills, the Tenseigan is more deadly as it possesses more destructive abilities and raw power. While it takes a thousand years to reach the Rinnegan level, Madara gets them in decades, and Sasuke gets them instantly. However, Tenseigan and Rinnegan can create black chakra constructs and control gravity.

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