What Happened to Lulu on General Hospital and Is She Coming Back?

Lulu on General Hospital went into a coma due to a serious brain injury she suffered from an explosion that happened during a dinner at the Floating Rib. This caused her absence from the soap opera. Whether or not she will come back to the show has not been officially confirmed or decided by the producers of General Hospital.

Lulu Spencer Falconeri has a knack for finding herself in trouble on the popular TV show General Hospital. Born to Laura Spencer and Luke Spencer in 1994, Lulu started off being portrayed by several child actors. However, in 2005, the character grew into a young woman, and Julie Berman took on the role. After Berman’s departure in 2013, Emme Rylan was chosen to step into Lulu’s shoes and continued to portray the character until her exit in December 2020.

General Hospital is the Longest Running American Soap Opera

General Hospital, also known as GH, is an American daytime television soap opera that has achieved notable milestones. Recognized by Guinness World Records, it is the longest-running American soap opera currently in production, surpassed only by Guiding Light in the overall history of American soap operas. Additionally, it ranks as the third longest-running scripted drama series in the world, following British serials The Archers and Coronation Street. Furthermore, General Hospital holds the position of the second longest-running televised soap opera still in production.

Since its debut on the ABC television network on April 1, 1963, General Hospital has become a prominent fixture in Hollywood, serving as the longest-running serial produced in Hollywood with 61 seasons and over 15,000 episodes. Moreover, it has secured a significant place in the history of ABC television, claiming the title of the longest-running entertainment program ever aired on the network. The soap opera has garnered immense recognition, having won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series a remarkable 14 times, setting a record in this category.

Is Lulu Coming Back to GH?

There has been no official confirmation regarding Lulu’s return to GH. Soap operas often keep plot details tightly under wraps, leaving room for surprises and unexpected comebacks. However, Dante, a character in the Soap Opera, mentioned that Lulu was being moved to a General Hospital from the specialty burn hospital where she had been lying in Coma. This may mean that Lulu maybe close to waking up.

The uncertainty surrounding Lulu’s return adds an element of suspense to the General Hospital narrative, and fans continue to eagerly await any announcements or developments regarding the character’s potential comeback.

What Happened to Lulu on General Hospital and Is She Coming Back?
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Why was Lulu Fired From GH?

The actress playing the character Lulu was not fired from GH, nor was it her choice to leave the show. Lulu’s departure was a deliberate narrative decision for the character. The storyline involved Lulu experiencing a traumatic event that led to her being in a comatose state.

Emme Rylan, who portrays the character Lulu, revealed in an Instagram post that she received notification that her contract was not being renewed and that the character lulu was going to be placed in Coma. Rylan was also not provided with any additional information regarding the situation. However, she went ahead to add that, if she is given the opportunity to return to the soap opera, she would absolutely accept it without hesitation as she has a deep affection for her General Hospital colleagues and considers them to be like family to her.

Who Plays Lulu on General Hospital?

Lulu on General Hospital is played by Emme Rylan. The talented actress took on the role in 2013, succeeding previous actress Julie Marie Berman. Since joining the cast, Rylan has seamlessly integrated herself into the storyline of General Hospital, captivating audiences with her compelling performances.

Before her time on General Hospital, Rylan had already established herself in the soap opera realm with her portrayal of Abby Newman on The Young and the Restless. Her transition to playing Lulu injected fresh energy into the character, earning her acclaim for her ability to skillfully express a wide range of emotions. Whether delivering heartwarming moments or engaging in intense dramatic scenes, Rylan has impressed viewers with her versatility and talent.

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