What Happened to Sean Caracena from ‘Kid 90’?

Sean Caracena  from Kid 90 died on April 4, 2006, in New York City, the United States, after he reportedly committed suicide.

Sean Caracena was an actor who gained prominence in December 1996 for appearing in the 1996 drama film, Somebody Is Waiting. His appearance in the drama film became his first and last, as he made no other onscreen appearances. Unfortunately, he committed suicide in 2006 without giving possible reasons. His afterlife was aired in Hulu’s documentary titled Kid 90 in 2021, and here is everything about what happened to him.

Who was Sean Caracena?

Sean Caracena was an actor born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on March 13, 1976. His real name is Sean Paulo Hergert, and he was reportedly adopted by Donna and Richard Hergert, who brought him back home to the United States.

The late actor had three brothers, namely Andrew Hergert, Derek Farr, and Ryan Farr. He spent his growing-up years in places such as Colorado Springs and Los Angeles and completed his education there. He later moved out to Los Angeles, where he attended acting school.  Sean Caracena

While Sean Caracena was an actor, he also had a stint in other entertainment industry sectors. He was reportedly involved in modeling and commercial advertising, though his work is unknown. The actor was also a marketer who sold medical books online for Theme Publishing, a German-based company with a branch in New York.

What Was He Famous for?

Sean Caracena was famous for appearing in the 1996 drama film, Somebody Is Waiting. The actor, who developed a passion for acting in his childhood, starred in the drama film as Gavin Pullman.

Somebody Is Waiting portrays a young single mother of five children, Charlotte Ellis. She was faced with the challenge of raising her children alone after her alcoholic husband, Roger Ellis, abandoned them. Sean Caracena was cast alongside other actors like Brian Donovan, Gabriel Byrne, and others.

After the movie was released in December 1996, Sean Caracena’s role was met with positive remarks from critics, and it eventually shot him to prominence. Before appearing in his debut movie, he showed his love for acting, and his parents gave him all the needed support until he eventually inked a role in the 1996 drama film Somebody Is Waiting.

After the actor appeared in the drama film, he did not bag any other movie role till he died. Following the end of his acting career, Sean Caracena became a marketer and sold various products. He lived in places such as Southern California and Philadelphia.

Sean Caracena

What Happened to Sean Caracena?

Sean Caracena died on April 4, 2006, in New York City, the United States, after he reportedly committed suicide. Rising to fame has a lot of demands that one needs to handle to keep fit mentally. Sean Caracena was not left out of this, as many looked up to him and expected much at the same time.

The actor, who could not handle the challenges associated with fame, reportedly suffered from depression and other mental issues that were not revealed to the public. After crying for help and seeing none coming from his friends or family, he decided to put an end to his life.

Sean Caracena was found dead in his apartment in New York City after some time of seeking help, but none came. Meanwhile, the authorities have sealed his autopsy reports, making it impossible for the public to know exactly how he ended his life.

A memorial mass was organized for Sean Caracena at a Catholic church in New York, namely Our Lady of Guadeloupe Cathedral, on the 21st of April 2006. He was later interred at Maple Grove Cemetery, Kew Gardens, New York.

Sean Caracena’s tragic ending is explored in the 2021 Hulu documentary titled Kid 90. The documentary shows how many teen movie stars in the 90s ended up dead at a young age, either from suicide or a drug overdose.


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