What Is Asta Demon Form and Does He Become Wizard King?

Asta possesses a captivating demon form known as Liebe. The determined protagonist of the manga series Black Clover, created by Yūki Tabata, dreams of becoming the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom one day, a mission he is on throughout the manga.

Despite being born as a peasant orphan without any magical power, Asta wields the Anti-Magic Demon-Slayer Sword, which grants him the unique ability to nullify magic and unlock his devastating demon form. When Asta receives a five-leaf Black Clover grimoire, he learns about the powerful demon, Liebe, residing within it. Using the Grimoire of Despair, Asta gains the ability to wield Anti-Magic, allowing him to confront enemies and supernatural foes with his amalgamated human-demon form.

The Black Asta form, as it’s known, enhances Asta’s strength, speed, and mental clarity, making him a formidable force in battle. However, accessing this form comes with a physical burden and requires concentration, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. Over time, Asta gains better control of the form, increasing his power and demonstrating the potential of his Anti-Magic abilities.

As for Asta’s dream of becoming the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, it remains an ongoing pursuit throughout the manga. While he hasn’t achieved the title yet, his determination and growth as a Senior Magic Knight suggest that he is steadily approaching his goal. With the manga heading towards its final arc, it’s highly anticipated that Asta will realize his dream and ascend to the prestigious position of the Wizard King, similar to other Shonen manga protagonists who have achieved their dreams.

What Episode Does Asta Go Demon?

In Episode 63 of Black Clover, part of the Witches Forest arc and titled “It’s Nothing,” which corresponds to chapters 97 and 98 of the manga, Asta undergoes a momentous transformation into a demon. This crucial event occurs during his intense battle against Ladros. As the combat intensifies, Ladros questions the resilience of Asta’s body, wondering how many attacks it can endure. At this critical juncture, the Anti-Magic Devil makes an appearance, aiming to seize control of Asta’s body.

Refusing to succumb to the devil’s temptation, Asta deftly evades its attack, firmly determined to defeat Ladros using his own strength. As the devil envelops Asta’s entire body, his right hand becomes cloaked in black Anti Magic, and a black wing sprouts, causing the grass around him to wither. This perplexes Asta, leading him to question if he might have perished. He is then confronted by a mysterious and imposing dark mass, recognized by onlookers as someone closely linked to Asta, causing confusion among the crowd. However, Asta asserts that he has no connection to this entity whatsoever. Despite his protest, the mass reveals its intention to possess Asta’s body and manifest itself in the physical world.

Asta skillfully dodges the mass’s attempts to reach him and inquires about its motives. Displaying unwavering determination, he seizes the entity’s arm, showcasing his formidable strength. The entity advises Asta to heed his conscience, but Asta rebuffs any underestimation, issuing a stern warning to the crowd not to undervalue him.

In the midst of this confrontation, the mass undergoes a transformative process, manifesting a horn and wing on Asta’s arm while Asta regains awareness. Ladros and Noelle are astonished by Asta’s new state. To everyone’s surprise, Asta manages to match Ladros’ speed and block his attacks. The Witch Queen, observing from the sidelines, notices the flow of Anti-Magic emanating from Asta’s blade.

Acknowledging Asta as a unique individual born without magic, despite previous speculations about his lineage, the Witch Queen explains his distinct condition. Asta’s sudden mutation prevents mana from residing within him, enabling him to wield the Anti Magic sword and become its special vessel. Empowered by the Witch Queen’s blood, Asta’s Anti Magic abilities surge without restrictions, rendering him an immensely formidable force.

When Ladros attempts to attack Asta, the latter effortlessly thwarts the assault, proving the ineffectiveness of magic against him. Asta’s prowess in the fierce battle overwhelms Ladros, resulting in Asta’s victory and depleting all of Ladros’ magic. However, instead of taking Ladros’ life, Asta chooses to show mercy and saves him and the others he had harmed. This display of compassion deeply impresses Ladros, who acknowledges Asta’s strength and resilience.

Subsequently, the Anti Magic gradually dissipates from Asta’s body, causing him significant pain. The Witch Queen appears and congratulates Asta on his triumph over the Eye of the Midnight Sun and Diamond Kingdom mages. She uses her Blood Magic to take control of Asta, commanding him to wield the Demon-Slayer Sword and order the death of everyone else.

Asta’s transformation into a demon presents an awe-inspiring spectacle featuring red eyes, half-black hair, a horn protruding from one side of his head, elongated canines, and a black wing extending from his back. Possessing a five-leafed grimoire that harbors a demon, Asta firmly rejects the devil’s proposition, determined not to surrender his body. Fueled by an unwavering aspiration to become the Wizard King and protect the smiles of all, Asta undergoes an awakening of power, enabling him to tap into the devil’s abilities while retaining his humanity.

Does Asta Become Wizard King?

Asta, the determined protagonist of Black Clover, embarks on a seemingly impossible journey to achieve his dream of becoming the Wizard King. While he has not yet attained this prestigious title, there is a strong possibility that he may realize his goal later in the anime. Asta’s powers and abilities play a pivotal role in determining his eligibility for the coveted role.

Throughout the series, Asta’s unwavering spirit and relentless dedication are evident as he continuously hones his physical abilities through rigorous training. His ultimate aspiration is to become the Wizard King, and he never allows this dream to waver. The acquisition of his five-leaf clover grimoire bestows upon him the power of Anti-Magic, which complements his existing skills and elevates his overall strength. Asta also proves himself as a formidable leader and invaluable member of the Magic Knights, earning the respect and admiration of his peers.

Asta’s power and potential become more evident when we examine his abilities. His exceptional swordsmanship, acquired through experience and learning from skilled peers, further sets him apart. His lack of mana allows him to wield Anti Magic without its drawbacks, rendering him undetectable to mana-sensitive individuals and immune to life-draining substances.

Beyond his exceptional combat abilities, Asta possesses extraordinary physical strength, agility, durability, and instinct, invaluable attributes in his battles. His unwavering spirit and willpower drive him to persevere in the face of adversity, inspiring those around him. Considering Asta’s remarkable growth and potential, he undoubtedly merits consideration for the title of Wizard King.

However, as the narrative unfolds, recent chapters in Black Clover, specifically Chapter 348, reveal moments of self-doubt for Asta. He questions whether he possesses the requisite strength and unwavering belief in himself to achieve his dream. Asta realizes that mastering new techniques and cultivating unwavering conviction within himself are crucial steps on his path to becoming the Wizard King.

This moment of vulnerability forces Asta to confront the possibility that he may not possess the same level of talent as his rival, Yuno. This revelation challenges his long-held conviction in his pursuit of the Wizard King title. Asta must not only attain mastery over Zetten, a newfound technique but also find unwavering conviction within himself before he can truly be prepared to ascend to the role of Wizard King.

As the story of Black Clover unfolds, Asta’s growth, trials, and inner journey will ultimately determine whether he can claim the title he has fervently pursued. The future remains uncertain, and fans eagerly anticipate the resolution of Asta’s quest for the coveted position of Wizard King.

Does Asta Get Magic?

No, Asta does not possess magic in the world of Black Clover. He is an extraordinary anomaly as he lacks mana, which is essential for using magic. Instead of traditional magic, Asta wields a rare and potent ability called Anti-Magic, granted to him by the demon Liebe within his five-leaf grimoire. This anti-magic energy allows him to nullify and cancel out mana, making him a formidable opponent against magic users.

Liebe, the devil within his grimoire, empowers Asta with three demon swords: the demon-slayer, the demon-dweller, and the demon-destroyer. These weapons possess the capability to nullify, reflect, and cut through any form of magic. While high-ranking devils are traditionally considered the strongest, Asta’s Anti-Magic ability, coupled with his adeptness at wielding it, transforms what might have been a weakness into a strength. Since he lacks mana to deplete, Asta can use Anti-Magic without draining his energy, making him an unparalleled force on the battlefield.

The mystery of Asta’s lack of magic has been a recurring question in the story. Later episodes unveil the reason behind his condition: a mutation from birth. Asta’s mother, Licita, possessed mana like everyone else but also bore an uncontrollable ability to absorb mana and life force from others. Tragically, she inadvertently absorbed Asta’s mana upon his birth, rendering him incapable of using magic throughout his life. Had Richita not possessed this absorbing ability, Asta would have been born with mana and been able to use magic like others. This pivotal event would have significantly altered the course of the story.

Despite his lack of magical abilities, Asta’s mastery over Anti-Magic and the uniqueness of this power have elevated him to the rank of an Arcane Stage mage. Additionally, his anti-magic energy renders him undetectable to mana-sensors and immune to the life-draining substance of the underworld. This extraordinary prowess allows him to remain unaffected by the mana-absorbing curse of Henry. Asta’s journey as a magicless yet powerful force has captivated audiences and continues to shape the unfolding narrative in Black Clover.

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