What Is Ichigo Final Form and Is It His Strongest Form?

After assuming different forms in the course of his battles against different enemies, Ichigo goes back to his final form, which is his pure human form, and is able to live in peace with his family members. While this is admirable, Ichigo’s pure human form is not his strongest form but rather the True Bankai Form, which enabled him to defeat Byakuya and rescue Rukia.

List of all Ichigo’s Forms

  • Human Ichiugo (Agent of the Shinigami Arc)
  • Ichigo’s First Shikai (Agent of the Shinigami Arc)
  • Ichigo’s First Bankai (Soul Society: The Rescue Arc)
  • Hollowfied Ichigo (Soul Society: The Rescue Arc)
  • Full Hollow Ichigo (Soul Society: The Rescue Arc)
  • Hollow Mask Ichigo (Soul Society: The Rescue Arc)
  • Fullbring Bankai (The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc)
  • Vasto Lorde Ichigo (Fake Karakura Town Arc)
  • Ichigo’s Mugetsu (Arrancar: Downfall Arc)
  • Merged Hollow Ichigo (Thousand Year Blood War Arc)
  • Dangai Form (Thousand Year Blood War Arc)
  • Final Getsuga Tensho (Thousand Year Blood War Arc)
  • Ichigo’s True Shikai Form (Thousand Year Blood War Arc)
  • Ichigo’s True Bankai Form (Thousand Year Blood War Arc)
  • Pure Form (Soul Society: The Rescue Arc)

Ichigo Hollow Form

Ichigo’s Hollow Form is also known as Zangetsu and is a manifestation of the weapon which he utilizes in his operations as a soul reaper. In his Hollow form, Ichigo undergoes visible physical transformations. His eyes turn dark while his skin becomes quite white, the signature color of the Hollows. He also has a mask covering his face.

Ichigo also witnesses an increase in his strength and is able to fight off his enemies. His Hollow form not only makes him stronger but also protects him. When Ichigo first achieved his Hollow form, it would only manifest in the form of a mask that would cover his face and protect him from attacks. But later, Ichigo’s Hollow form could possess and take over his entire body, not for the purpose of doing harm but for the purpose of protecting Ichigo and enhancing his strength.

Is Ichigo a Quincy?

Ichigo is half-Quincy, and this is due to his mother Masaki Kurosaki. Quincies are a near-extinct, priest-like clan of beings that descended from Yhwach. They are Hollow-hunters and kill off the Hollows, completely unlike soul reapers who try to purify their spirits. This creates great enmity between the two groups.

Ichigo’s mother was a Quincy. She died when he was aged 9 while protecting him from a Hollow named Grand Fisher. Ichigo’s Quincy powers later manifest in the form of a much older fellow who wears sunglasses and has facial hair. His hair is also dark in color, in stark contrast to his normal orange hue.

Yhwach, the progenitor of the Quincies, proves to be the major antagonist in Bleach and seeks to subdue Ichigo, but in the end, Ichigo is able to defeat him with help from the likes of Uryū.

Is Ichigo a Hollow?

Ichigo is a Hollow, thanks to his mother Masaki. Masaki was infected by the monstrous evil spirits known as the Hollows and nearly turned into one of them. She was, however, saved by the intervention of a young man named Isshin Kurosaki, a high-ranking Shinigami and soul reaper.

Isshin sacrificed his powers to save Masaki, and they later got married and had three children, including Ichigo. Therefore, Ichigo is also half Hollow, and he later assumes Hollow form as well. Thankfully, his Hollow form, just like his mother’s, isn’t evil in nature.

Ichigo Strongest Form

Ichigo’s strongest form is believed to be his True Bankai Form which manifested in his fight against a soul reaper named Byakuya. Ichigo waged war against Byakuya due to the latter’s gang-up against his mentor, Rukia.

The mastermind behind Rukia’s ordeal is Sōsuke Aizen, who also fakes his own death for good measure. All these turn the soul reapers against each other, but Ichigo is able to rescue Rukia, defeat Byakuya, and unveil the truth about Sōsuke Aizen, who is very much alive.

In his True Bankai Form, Ichigo is able to fuse all his swords together into a huge white and black sword with a chain running from the hilt to the top of the sword. Ichigo’s True Bankai Form also sees him develop unmatchable speed. He is so strong that Ywach is obviously afraid of what he is capable of doing.


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