What Is Sukuna’s True Form and How Many Fingers Does He Have?

Sukuna’s true form is a demon with two faces and two sets of eyes. He also has four hands, making for a total of 20 fingers, and has a brutish muscular build. Sukuna’s real form enabled him to wrought evil back in the day, but after his physical body was killed, he now relies on taking control of others to operate.

Sukuna Original Form

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen first got a glimpse of Sukuna’s original form in chapter 117 of the manga. The next time that they would see him was in chapter 181. These sightings whetted the appetites of fans but did not satisfy them, as Sukuna was only shown in passing without him performing any action.

This changed with chapter 219 of Jujutsu Kaisen, which is a flashback episode that briefly showed Sukuna in his element before the present day, where he has to rely on and take control of other people’s bodies to operate.

In his original form, Sukuna is a gigantic demon with a ripped physique. He has four hands filled with rippling muscles. He also has two faces with two sets of eyes. One set of eyes is located under the other, and the lower set of eyes rarely opens.

Sukuna, in his original form, has spiked hair and several unique dark-colored markings on his nose, cheeks, upper body, and face. Sukuna also has bold black lines on his wrists and arms, as well as bold black circles on his shoulders.

In the flashback episode, Sukuna is invited to a festival alongside a fellow powerful jujutsu sorcerer named Yorozu. Yorozu is immediately smitten with Sukuna on sighting him and hugs him. His underling named Uraume, however, chases her away.

What is Sukuna’s Real Form?

Sukuna is the major antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Jujutsu Kaisen is set in a world where human beings have negative emotions that birth curses and evil spiritual beings.
There are jujutsu sorcerers who can control these negative emotions and curses in their bodies, and Sukuna was once one of them. He, however, began using his power for evil purposes after accumulating as many as 1000 evil curses.

This forced other sorcerers to join hands together to kill him off, but before they managed to do this, he sealed off his power in 20 fingers. Therefore, even though Sukuna’s physical body was killed, his spirit still continued hovering, taking control of various bodies to achieve his nefarious purposes. Some of those that he took control of include Yuji, the protagonist, as well as Megumi Fushiguro.

It is at this stage of Sukuna taking control of people that the story in Jujutsu Kaisen begins. Therefore, it is hard to decipher his real form until the various flashbacks in the manga. These flashbacks show that Sukuna’s real form is a demon with four arms and two faces, and two sets of eyes. He has a huge and muscular build. There are also several black markings of various sizes and shapes all over his body. Sukuna, in his real form, also has spiked hair of fiery color.

What to Know About Sukuna Hands

Sukuna has four hands and a total of 20 fingers. His four hands come in quite handy during battles. Sukuna is quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can hold his own against any opponent. His sheer physical prowess combined with his cursed technique powers makes him a very formidable personality, but he, unfortunately, uses his powers and abilities for evil.

He is later ambushed and attacked, but before he is killed, Sukuna seals away his powers in 20 fingers. It is these stored powers in these fingers that make it possible for him to entertain the thought of making a comeback someday in the future.

Sukuna has black circles on his shoulder and black bold lines on his hands. His hands are filled with rippling muscles, leaving no one in doubt as to what they are capable of achieving.


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