What to Talk About on Facetime, Over the Phone or Via Text

We have all experienced the awkward silence that follows an exhausted conversation when you have run out of something to talk about. Communication is essential and very important in interpersonal relationships but sometimes it is hard to keep up a conversation, especially when you have run out of conversation starters. In this modern age and time, most people communicate actively over the phone through Facetime, phone calls, WhatsApp, Video calls, iMessage e.t.c. Coming up with what to talk about on Facetime, over the phone, or via text can make you to rack your brain if you are unprepared or have exhausted from the topics you had in mind, and in such times the conversation could take a boring turn.

So how do you know what to talk about over the phone or how do you keep a conversation on Facetime interesting and engaging? This article curates 60 different topics you can explore in your conversations either over the phone, via text, or on Facetime. But first, let us analyze some of the challenges of sustaining communication over the phone.

Common Challenges Faced in Sustaining Phone Conversations

It is indeed true that phones have helped the world of communication, we cannot imagine how difficult it was for people who lived in the centuries when phones did not exist, to communicate; especially lovers or friends who yearned to speak with each other. Imagine that all forms of communication lines are cut off today and we all had to go back to the times of letter writing and “birds bearing scrolls”; it will be a disaster. The importance of Phones and the ease of communication they afford us cannot be overestimated, but as with most things that have advantages; there are also disadvantages especially putting into consideration the adverse effects of decreased “physical” communication as a result of an overreliance on communicating over the phone.

It can be quite difficult keeping up with topics that enhance interest over the phone; here are some of the challenges you may encounter;

  • Lack of body language: One of the biggest challenges people face in over-the-phone communication is a lack of body language. Sometimes, a message is much more accurately passed when the people communicating can read each other’s body language. Body language is a luxury over-the-phone conversations cannot afford, and it makes optimal communication not readily accessible over the phone.
  • Misunderstandings: Couples are much more likely to argue or misunderstand each other when they communicate over the phone. Certain words may not be conveyed properly which also boils down to the absence of body language. For example, Holding hands and saying Goodbye, feels different from saying Goodbye over the phone. It is easier to misunderstand certain words and tones of voice over the phone.
  • Stagnant conversations: We all have experienced the awkward silence that can stretch over minutes when you run out of things to talk about, but this feels worse over the phone conversation, especially when you don’t know what else to talk about.
  • Phone Anxiety: Not being able to figure out what the other person is thinking or feeling on the other side of the phone can create certain anxiety. And sometimes, some people do not fancy talking over the phone because they feel some certain kind of anxiety about phone conversations.
  • Fear of the unknown: Not knowing the exact weather, environment, place, mindset, and setting on the other side of the phone conversation can spark a certain kind of fear and paranoia especially when discussing certain topics.
  • Running out of Topics: It is much easier to run out of topics when talking over the phone than in physical conversations. It is also more difficult to figure out if the other party is still interested in the conversation or just acting along.
  • Awkward and long silences: Awkward silences are a “thing” with over-the-phone conversations. Sometimes, people just keep listening to themselves breathe or stare at each other especially on face time and not knowing what else to say or do.
  • Pressure: The pressure to say the right thing, in the right manner and in the right tone, in order not to create misunderstandings is ever-present in over-the-phone conversations. And honestly, some discussions are better in person than over the phone.
  • Network Reception Issues: Especially in developing countries, Network reception and signals are a huge stumbling block for optimal over-the-phone conversations as signals can be disrupted without warning.
  • Distance: Over-the-phone conversations between people who live in the same city and those who live on different continents; feel different. Especially for couples, it gets frustrating to keep on talking over the phone with a person that is so far away.

From the aforementioned, the fulcrum of challenges that are faced in over-the-phone conversations is “Body Language”. The lack of body language affects a lot of things and deals differently with each different medium of the phone conversation. But, lack of body language should not kill your vibe, we are going to curate 60 different topics that you can talk about both on text, audio phone calls, and Facetime; to limit the effects of a lack of body language as well as minimize misunderstandings and pressure.

Additionally, Texting is different from Audio phone calls and also different from Video calls. You can text just about anybody but you can not Facetime just anyone; because despite the lack of body language, Video calls except for Formal meetings, are more intimate than texts or audio phone calls.

Differences Between a Video, Audio, and Text Conversation 

As much as they are all over the phone conversation, Texts, Audio Calls, and Video calls are different; because the mode of delivery and reception for each of them is dynamic. Here are some highlighted differences;

Audio Phone Conversation

Audio phone calls have been in existence since the invention of the Telephone in the late 19th Century. They involve dialing a number, waiting for the call to be received and then you convey your message. The caller can’t see the receiver, the receiver can’t see the caller. Only voices and sounds can be heard. The advantage of an Audio phone call is that it is easier and more accessible and has been in existence for longer. Most people especially the older generation prefer Audio phone calls. Audio phone calls are also convenient and maintain privacy, in addition to the fact that they can be made or taken anywhere. They are much more universal because even in remote villages where there is no internet reception, Audio Phone calls can still be made.  And as such Audio phone conversations are cheaper, much more convenient, and more accessible.

Voice notes are also a form of Audio phone conversation, but Voice notes require Internet services and a Social Networking Application.

Text Conversations 

The First Text message, or properly put SMS (Short Message Service) was sent on the 3rd of December 1992. However, the concept of SMS was first developed in 1984 by a Franco-German GSM Cooperation. And so, conversations via text message became rampant with the introduction of mobile phones, and then texting became “a thing” with the advent of Social Media and Social Networking sites. Text messages are convenient. Although the sender may not have an idea if his or her message has been received unless the receiver sends a reply or acknowledges receipt. Texts are also convenient for both Formal and informal conversations and can be sent any time and anywhere especially when a person is communicating discreetly.

Texts can also be sent via the internet(iMessage, Whatsapp, Emails, Messenger e.t.) or via network providers as good old SMS. If you are in a class and you want to convey a message to your friend across the hall without anybody finding out, you have to text. These days, smileys, stickers, and memes have made texting very interesting however, texts cannot wholesomely convey emotions optimally. Texting conveys Zero Body language.

Also, Texting is great for record-keeping, so whenever you need to recall a piece of particular information regularly, ask for the information to be texted to you.

Video Conversation

About 51 years ago, the first video call was made on 30th June 1970. But, Video calling or Video conversations became mainstream with the advent of smartphones. Video calls have become the thing as they have been extended to formal business meetings. Apps like Skype, Imo were amongst the pioneer video calling Apps, however; Facetime, Whatsapp, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and many more Video calling Apps are now mainstream.

Apart from formal virtual meetings, Video calls are much more blended with informal conversation amongst friends, colleagues, lovers, and family. Video conversations make communication over the phone feel “closer” and more “intimate”, however Video conversations need the internet and will not work in remote areas without internet reception. Also, you can not face time or video call just about anywhere, unlike text messages.

Video calls require some form of permission as not just anyone can place a video call across to another person. For example, Facetiming is one of the most common ways lovers communicate, and a random colleague at work cannot just face time another colleague. So, because Facetime or Video conversations are not just for anyone, sometimes figuring out what to talk about on facetime, or how to keep the conversation going can be quite taxing.


What To Talk About on Facetime and How to Make The Video Call Interesting

So, what can you talk about on Facetime or any video call to keep it interesting? Here are some ideas.

1. What you both can see at the moment

It is Facetime and you both can see yourselves and your surroundings. Be spontaneous, talk about what you can see, his/her cloth, appearance, background items, surroundings, and a whole lot of other things. For example: Your shirt is blending with the flower vase in your background, is it a coincidence? This question/statement will open a lot of discussion on observation and immediate surroundings.

2. Intimate Moments 

For lovers/Couples, facetime is a good place to re-live intimate moments. Talking about the last time you both cuddled up, or spent time with each other physically is a great topic for couples on facetime. Just make sure the time and place are right. Don’t bring up “Remember the last time we kissed and held each other and slept off” if he/she is at work. Rather wait for when you both are in your various rooms alone and resting.

3. Catching Up

For friends who have not seen each other in a while, catching up on all has been going on is top of the list of what to talk about on Facetime with your friends/friend. Talking about the newest exciting thing in your lives, a new possession, a new fling or a relationship are all catch-up topics, and Facetime is great for all the laughter.

4. An Activity 

To spice up your FaceTime activity, you both can carry out an activity together. He/she can watch you paint, cook, or work out, or vice versa. This is a great way to not get bored. Talk to each other about the activity while you both carry it out.

5. Q and A Sessions

A good old question and answer session is a great way to keep a conversation going. Asking each other questions like: “what was the last thing you saw on your way back from work, if one wish of yours can be granted now, what will it be?” e.t.c.

6. A Rundown of the Day

This is great for nighttime FaceTime conversation. Talking about the things that went on during the day, and all that went wrong or right. Giving each other a rundown of all the activities is not boring at all.

7. Wellness

Topics on health and wellness are also great on Facetime and this works for friends and lovers. Get to share skincare routines or work out routines visually for a better understanding. It can be very interesting to show off your new skincare supply while you both talk about it.

8. “Therapy” Session 

Amongst a list of what to talk about on FaceTime, your struggles can be a part of them. You can turn your Facetime  Conversation into a  makeshift therapy session where both parties can unburden and let off steam. It could be on a schedule, for example, you can set up weekly letting off steam sessions on Facetime on Fridays. Ask questions like; How are you feeling? What do you think you should have done differently today? What bothers you the most? Tell me your greatest worries e.t.c. This can be done with friends, family, a spouse/lover, or colleague(s).

9. Game time on Facetime 

Thanks to technology, there are games you can play with your friend, family, or lover over FaceTime. You can’t go wrong with games like Charades; where you act like a person, animal, or an object and have the other party guess, Battleship; which is a computer game, Read my lips; where you mouth words without voicing them and have the other party guess correctly. These are all great ways to keep a video conversation interesting.

10. “Show Off”

Get to show off new assets, designs, décor, and talk about them. This also works for store owners. You can show off your latest wear and merchandise over Facetime to friends or potential customers and build conversations around the objects or items being shown off.

11. Books

A virtual book club is great for Facetime conversations. For book lovers, discussing new and old books is great for video conversations as you can both read from the book, analyze the book and even create a virtual book club that may eventually turn into a routine.

12. Sleepover

There is such a thing as virtual sleepovers over Facetime. This works very well for the group of friends who are far from each other. This was also one of the coping mechanisms during the quarantine period of the pandemic. This also works for kids. A Facetime sleepover is doing everything you usually do at a sleepover, only that this time everyone sets up their phones and does it virtually. Set up games, karaoke, songs, and all other fun ideas and if you are up to it, fall asleep with everyone’s phone still turned on.

13. Meditation

This is also a very interesting activity to do over Facetime. This can be done with a lover or a group of friends. Play some meditative music, and breathe in and out and actively practice mindfulness and meditate all over Facetime. This can come right after a “therapy session”.

14. Childhood memories 

Resurrect nostalgic feelings over a video conversation by talking about and reliving childhood memories. This conversation can become intense and may lead to a few tears as well as a lot of laughs, and so should be had in the comfort of a cozy and private environment. “What made you cry most as a child? Who was your high school crush? What Toy do you feel you still have till now?”

15. Gossips

Gossiping never runs out of style, but gossiping over a video call as you sip a hot cup of tea is a whole new style. You can gossip over a video chat as a female with your girls and watch yourselves laugh over it. Try gossiping over Facetime the next time you want to give “updates” to your friends.

16. Quarantine Memories 

When the world was locked down during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, people kept in touch virtually. Zoom meetings, video calls, and other forms of virtual meetings were the only forms of physical contact with the outside world. Although the world is no longer under lock and key, you can talk about how you felt and how your friends or family felt during the quarantine period over Facetime. Re-live some of the activities, stories, and memories of that period. How do you think you can cope with another lockdown? Do you miss anything about the quarantine period? What was your lowest and highest point during the lockdown? These questions are great conversation starters.

17. Love Languages

Talking about the love languages with your partner is better felt over Facetime as you both look into each other’s eyes over your phone screen; as you talk about “Acts of service, quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation and receiving gifts”. If you both are in a long-distance relationship, talk about how much the lack of physical touch affects both of you and then affirm each other.

18. Photo Gallery Discussion 

If you have interesting photos in your home, office, or phone, you can have a great time sharing the photos and talking about them over Facetime. So, if you are wondering what to talk about on FaceTime, check the interesting photos you have in your space or your phone, share them with your friend or lover on the other side of the conversation, and create conversations around it. Old photos do more magic.

19. Random Conversations

Sometimes, perfection lies in simplicity. You can create the most interesting conversations from just about any random thing. So while you are thinking of what to talk about on FaceTime with your friend or partner, you can start talking about any random thing. For example, the planets, solar system, Stars, Gods and Goddesses e.t.c. For example, a question like; If you are to move to another planet, which will you choose? And why? It’s a great random conversation starter.

20. Fashion

Fashion is better seen than imagined. Talking fashion over a video call or FaceTime is great, as it allows you to better describe or showcase the fashionable item or latest fashion trend for better understanding. This is great for a stylist-client relationship too. You can also help a friend or your partner pick an outfit or dress up over Facetime. If your best friend is preparing for a date, you can help him/her make the right outfit decision over a Facetime conversation.

21. Your Relationship 

Looking into your spouse or lover’s eyes and having a heart-to-heart discussion over Facetime is a great alternative for couples in long-distance relationships who are not able to hold hands and cuddle and talk. So laying on your side with your phone to your face as you talk about your relationship; the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the strengths and weaknesses, and the plans for your relationship are all great topics to focus on your relationship on Facetime.

22. Favorite Movie Scenes

Our favorite movie scenes are best described with visual interpretations. Sharing your favorite movie scenes over Facetime with your friends is also a great way to make a video conversation interesting. You can set up your camera, gesticulate, describe the scenes and talk about it. Video calling apps like Facebook messenger allow you to watch video clips while still on the call. You can try that to spice up your conversation as you watch your favorite movie scenes together.

23. Event Planning

Planning a wedding, an engagement, a bridal shower, or a birthday party? Facetime is a good place to talk about it.  So if you are planning an event with a group of friends, talk about it over Facetime with your friends. If you and your lover are planning your wedding, talk about it on Facetime. Talking about event plans over Facetime is your next best choice after talking about it in person.

24. Hairstyles 

Absolutely! Hairstyles and all things hair. You can’t talk about hair properly without showing it. So, if you are lacking on the list of things on what to talk about on FaceTime, hair should be on your list. Show off, describe or talk about hair with your friends on Facetime. You can even experiment with some hairstyles over Facetime with your friends.

25. Makeup

For a lady, Just like Hair, make-up is also a great topic for Facetime, plus you can also try out products or looks as you banter over the best shades or latest make-up products with your girlfriends. What better way to showcase your latest makeup hack with your bestie than in person, than over a video conversation?

26. Fantasies

Share your fantasies with your lover over a Facetime conversation. Set the mood, cozy up, flip out your phone, and pour out your life fantasies to your partner as you stare into each other’s eyes. You can also ask questions like; What do you think about making out on the peak of a mountain? What is the adventure that you look forward to the most?

27. Memes

Yeah right! Memes! Memes are like the next best invention for social media communication. Curate your favorite memes and laugh over them as you create lighthearted conversations over your favorite memes. If your friend or partner is a meme lover, you will have a very interesting and humorous conversation.

28. Trending Topics

There is always something trending in the news to talk about every day. Take advantage of the latest trending topic and create a conversation out of it. Things like the latest Tic Tok challenge, a viral video, the President’s speech e.t.c make great conversation starters.

What to talk about in an audio phone conversation 

Like we previously stated, Audio phones conversations are more convenient and can be had anywhere because it doesn’t require as much privacy as video calls do. Here are some topics to talk about over an audio phone conversation:

29. What Ifs 

What if humans had wings, what if you grew a tail when you wake up tomorrow? What if humans can fly? What if you found a million dollars on your doorstep? All these are interesting “What if” scenarios that you can enjoy. The key to enjoying Audio phone calls is to make use of your imagination to the fullest.

30. Wishes

Everyone has wishes. You can explore and talk about wishes over an audio phone call. If you are talking to a friend or a lover or having a lighthearted conversation with family, talking about individual wishes is a great bonding topic for an over an audio phone conversation.

31. Career Paths

Everyone has a career path they will like to follow. Discussing career paths and choices can help keep an audio phone conversation less boring. Unlike Facetime, for an audio call, all you have to work with is the Voice. And so, topics hinging career can always keep the conversation going, plus you can have this conversation with anyone. You can ask questions like; what do you consider the best career decision that you have made? If money does not exist and nobody gets paid for doing anything, what would you have chosen to become?

32Bucket Lists

A bucket list is a list of accomplishments, activities, or things an individual hopes to achieve either during their lifetime or within a certain time frame. Asking questions like; what are the places you will love to visit before you turn 50, what is at the bottom of your bucket list? Do you have a bucket list? these are some questions about bucket lists that you can create a conversation on bucket lists.

33. Dreams and Aspirations 

Our dreams and aspirations live in our imaginations and are also a part of our wishes. Dreams and aspirations can be discussed over an audio phone conversation. Plus, because you cannot see the person  you are talking to; chances of being “shy” about your dreams and aspirations are minimal

34. Finances

Finances are also another topic to talk about on an audio phone call. This can be with friends or a family member. We all need to talk and evaluate our finances (Expenditure, investments, and income). You can always have those conversations over an audio phone call.

35. Life Hacks

Life hacks are clever tips or tricks, used in making everyday life problems easier. Almost everyone knows a life hack or two and you can learn more and also exchange life hacks during your conversations over the phone. Here is a life hack for starters  “Dental flosses cut very good cheese slices”

36. Spirituality

Explore various spiritual beliefs over your audio phone conversation. The key is to be open-minded and then ask questions that make great conversation starters on the topic of spirituality.  For example; Do you think heaven and hell exist? Do you think Aliens have a religion? Have you ever seen a ghost Or do you think Ghosts exist?

37. Guessing games

Since you can’t see what is happening on either side of the phone, you both can try to guess what the other is doing, putting on, or the environment. Questions like; can you guess what I am wearing? What do you think is the color of my shoes? Are examples of things either party can try to guess.

38. Trending/Breaking News

There is something new on the news every day. If some interesting breaking news just made it to the headlines; you can talk about it over a phone conversation.

39. Sports

Sports are one of the most discussed topics. For men, talking on the phone with your buddy usually involves topics centered around sports. You can always discuss your favorite soccer team or analyze a trending football match over an audio phone conversation.

40. Hobbies

Everyone has hobbies and favorite past times. Explore hobbies and past times, by asking questions like; “what is your favorite pastime, if you are not sleeping on weekends, what will you be found doing?”

41. History

You can never run out of topics on history, plus you get to talk as well as use your imaginations. Stone age history, greek mythology, Ancient Egypt, Mayan history e.t.c, are all intriguing historical topics to explore.

42. Languages

Languages are a very good topic to discuss over an audio conversation especially if you have been learning a new language; you can always try out your polyglot skills over an audio conversation, or talk about new languages as you experiment with pronouncing new words from different languages. For example; How to say Thank You in several African languages.

43. Jokes, Comedy, Humor

What other ways to have a memorable over-the-phone conversation without humor? You can never go wrong with telling jokes, recalling hilarious situations, or discussing comedy shows over the phone is a great way to come up with humorous topics for an audio conversation.

44. Social Media

There are so many Social Networking apps being launched these days. You can create a conversation centered around the latest App, Viral challenge, Software update e.t.c.

45. Habits

Everyone has both good and bad habits. They can be discussed over an audio phone conversation to reduce the chances of being embarrassed especially when it comes to discussing bad habits over facetime. You can start with a conversation starter question like; What is an embarrassing habit of yours that you have not been able to stop?

46. Work/School Projects

Are you struggling with a certain work or school project, you can pick up your phone and discuss it with a friend, a colleague, coursemate, or your spouse. It will help you gain clarity.

What To Talk About With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Over Text

It is said that the faintest of ink is better than the sharpest of brains. Texting is good for record-keeping and also explaining in detail. Whenever you see a group of people holding their phones, the clicking sounds of Texting are ever-present. For lovers, who maybe cannot talk over an audio conversation, or are not disposed to a face time call, texting is also a great form of communication.

Lovers constantly text each other, in case you are running out of things to text your girlfriend or boyfriend, here are some ideas;

47. To-do Lists

Check-in with your lover on their to-do lists and be an accountability partner. You can also create a to-do list over text in case none of you have drafted one. To-do lists are a list of tasks to be done that helps in organizing a person’s daily tasks.

48. Favorite Quotes

Share your favorite love, wealth, or random quotes with each other. Quotes are witty and full of wisdom; you and your lover will have a great conversation sharing and learning new quotes.

49. Expenditure Budget

Everyone should have an expenditure budget and texting about it helps with clarity. Check-in with each other on spending habits as you both calculate your expenditure budget.

50. Baby Names

Baby-names are adorable. You can text prospective baby names for your future kids with your lover. If you both are planning on getting married, come up with a topic on baby names, including the number of children you both will like to have, over text.

51. Baecation Ideas

List out a couple of places you will love to visit with your lover. Vacations are fun, but baecations are Romantically fun. Additionally, texting about your baecation ideas helps you keep records as well as keep a record of all your plans.

52. Naughty Texts

For lack of what to talk about on facetime, or if you are uncomfortable being naughty on a video call, you can share naughty texts with accompanying naughty stickers. “Sexting” is a thing, so you can explore that with your lover.

53. Affirmations

Words of affirmation have a different but warm feel when sent over texts. It affords you the opportunity to always remind yourself of your lover’s feelings towards you even when you feel low; you can always scroll up and read.

54. Favorite Memories

The good thing with texts is that you can always go back and read them. Warm-up each other’s hearts by texting your favorite memories together and taking your time to explain the memories in detail. For example, describing your first date in detail over text is a great idea.

55. The Future

The future is inevitable. Where your relationship is heading or the plans you both have for each other is something to text about. Texting speculated plans works wonders and also points to thought fullness.

56. “Would You Rather” Games

This is an interesting topic to text on with your lover. Asking questions like; “would you rather have a plot of land or a steady daily income? Would you rather be Superman or Captain America? These are fun questions that also serve as eye-openers about the choices of your lover. These can also help you come up with a gift or treat ideas.

57. Family

Recalling the names of family members, explaining family ties, arranging the family tree, and recognizing certain members of the family who have passed away is a great conversation topic on text. Know more about your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s family and family members as you both talk about your relatives and explain family ties and family history. If a great-grandma was a renowned herbalist or seer, sharing it over text with your lover can be very refreshing.

58. Personal History 

Talking about personal history with your lover over text can be very convenient as you get to type out the exact answers that you can always refer to in the future. One advantage of texting is that screenshots of significant information can be saved for future references. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to type the Ten most challenging times of his/her life. You can always save the replies and refer to them whenever the occasion calls for it.

59. Past Relationships

Although it might be a bit dicey and a bit sensitive, you can talk about your exes, past romantic connections over text with your lover. However, topics about past relationships could escalate into arguments and “hurt feelings” if not properly handled. But you can make the conversation lighthearted by saying things like “if you could exchange your ex for a meal, what dish would that be?”

60. Interesting Questions

Have some fun as you learn some never before known things about each other over texts with the following interesting questions;

In a zombie apocalypse, what would your weapon of defense be?

Between a werewolf and a vampire, which would you rather be?

What three things will you take with you to survive in a desert?

Can you walk naked in a shopping mall for ten thousand dollars?

Do you have any survival skills?


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