When Does Chainsaw Man Take Place?

Chainsaw Man takes place in 1997, but its 1997 era is vastly different from what occurred in the real-life world. This is due to the alternate timeline within which the entire story takes place.

That alternate timeline makes the manga’s story bombastic in nature, but fans do not seem to mind as they have gobbled it up. Since its release in December 2018, Chainsaw Man has grown to become one of the bestselling mangas in the world and has spurned an anime, novel, stage play, and even an art exhibition.

What Year Does Chainsaw Man Take Place?

The events in Chainsaw Man take place in 1997. Part one of the story, Public Safety Arc, starts out with Denji’s impoverished beginnings, his death as well as his resurrection after fusing himself with Pochita. He later becomes an official devil hunter for the Japanese government.

Part two of the story, School Arc, focuses on Denji’s days in school. A classmate named Asa fuses with Yoru, The War Devil, who is determined to take out Chainsaw Man at all costs. Part two of Chainsaw Manga takes place between 1998 and 1999. It is noteworthy that Chainsaw Man manga is still running, and so, as the story progresses, the events may also transcend the 90s.

When Did Chainsaw Man Manga Come Out?

Chainsaw Man manga first came out on the 3rd of December 2018, when the first chapter was published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Part one of the story, that is, The Public Safety Arc, continued publishing weekly until the 14th of December 2020.

Part two of Chainsaw Man, i.e., The School Arc, began publishing in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in July 2022 and is still running. Meanwhile, Chainsaw Man manga now has more than 130 chapters which have been collected into 14 book volumes known as tankōbon in Japanese. The first volume of Chainsaw Man manga came out on the 4th of March 2019.

Where Does Chainsaw Man Take Place?

The events in Chainsaw Man take place in Japan, specifically in Tokyo. Upon coming back to life, Denji heads out to the capital of the country, where he joins the Public Safety Division and becomes a sanctioned devil hunter. His biggest target is The Gun Devil, and he eventually conquers it after numerous twists and turns. Having achieved that, he starts school, and his school is also located in Tokyo.

While most of the events in Chainsaw Man take place in Japan, other countries such as the U.S. The Soviet Union, Canada, Hawaii, and China are also mentioned. The Gun Devil attacked these countries for a few seconds each on the 10th of November 1984 and wrought destruction, leaving more than a million people dead globally.

Chainsaw Man Timeline

Chainsaw Man takes place in an alternate timeline that differs radically from human history. Recall that the events of the story are set in 1997, however, a deeper look will show that the soviet union still exists as one entity in Chainsaw Man. This means that the real-life disintegration of the Soviet Union, which occurred in 1991, never took place in Chainsaw Man.

Also, in the Chainsaw Man timeline, the holocaust, the AIDs pandemic as well as World War 11 have been wiped away from people’s memories by the Chainsaw Devil. While these events occurred, most people can’t remember them except the devils, and as such, it is almost like they never happened.

Will There Be Chainsaw Man Season 2, and Where Will It Take Place?

Season 1 of Chainsaw Man started airing on the 12th of October 2022 and continued till the 28th of December 2022. It had a total of 12 episodes corresponding with the first 38 chapters of part one of the manga. It was hugely successful with the viewing public.

Given this, chances are high that there will be Chainsaw Man season 2, but it must be stressed that this has not been green-lit. It is, however, believed that we will be getting Chainsaw Man Season 2 in the fall of September 2023 or in 2024, and the story will take place in Tokyo just like Season 1.


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