Where Is Tyria Moore Today, Is She Still Alive?

Tyria Moore is still alive but lives away from the spotlight. She currently lives with her family in Pennsylvania in the United States. Meanwhile, she was famous for being the girlfriend of Aileen Wuornos, an American serial killer who was involved in a series of murders.

The life story of Tyria Moore cannot be complete without the part about her relationship with Aileen Wuornos. Their relationship was one that ended on a sad note, thereby exposing Tyria to the limelight. The documentary, Aileen Wuornos: Mind of a Monster, covered all about the relationship between Tyria and Aileen. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about Tyria Moore.

Tyria Moore Met Aileen Wuornos in Florida

Tyria Moore met Aileen one adventurous evening in Zodiac Bar located in Daytona in Florida, the United States. This was reportedly about a few weeks since Tyria left Cadiz, her hometown in Ohio, to fully come open with her sexuality. She had a couple of drinks with Aileen in the bar and they further visited other bars that same night.

Their relationship began the night they met and continued until when Aileen’s crimes were made open. Furthermore, Aileen Wuornos disclosed that she had been in jail a couple of times when they had progressed in their relationship. Her crimes then ran between theft and armed robbery.

Aileen later disclosed to Tyria Moore that she had been a victim of abuse right from when she was a child. She also disclosed that she used prostitution as a means of livelihood. The fact that she was a prostitute didn’t sit well with Tyria and she tried her best to talk her out of it but Aileen insisted on carrying on with it.

Tyria’s Friend Became A Murder Suspect

As they progressed in their relationship, the worst part of Aileen unfolded, which landed Tyria Moore in the spotlight in 1989. On a fateful night, Aileen Wuornos disclosed to Tyria that she had killed a man. Aileen further explained that her victim was one of her clients who was abusive and in a bid to defend herself, she killed him.

Tyria Moore decided to keep quiet over the confession. However, she started feeling disturbed over the items Aileen Wuornos brought back constantly. Then she put the puzzles together, merging Aileen’s confessions with the items she usually comes back home with. This made a large part of her give her the conviction that the items belonged to Aileen’s victims.

Despite the fact that Tyria Moore has over time developed strong feelings for Aileen, she also didn’t want to be an accomplice to her crimes. This was because she further got clear proof that Aileen was constantly murdering her victims. She immediately called off her relationship with Aileen and distanced herself from her.

What Happened To Tyria Moore?

Tyria Moore was lucky enough not to be charged as an accomplice to the crimes of Aileen. This may be because of the investigative findings of the police that she had no hands in all of her partner’s murders. She further aided the police in getting hold of Aileen to face her charges.

Tyria Moore

The cops were right behind Tyira Moore two weeks after she broke off her relationship with Aileen. Although Aileen was first taken into custody on an expired warrant, she was not sentenced as a result.

However, she was the main suspect in a grisly murder that took place in Florida at that time. In a bid to provide evidence that she was the prime suspect, they used Tyria as bait to coax her into confessing to the murder.

Tyira Moore wasn’t particularly such an emotional lover who expressed her love during their relationship, but Aileen was. As a result, Tyria sent a letter to her, declaring her unending love for her.

This touched a chord and made her let down her guard, causing her to further disclose all the murders that she had been involved in. The police, who were conducting an investigation, kept a log of their lengthy phone conversations.

Did Tyria Moore Go To Jail?

Emotionally, Aileen admitted to being the suspect behind the recent murder in Florida, thereby providing the police with enough evidence for her arrest and prosecution. In her confessions, she exonerated Tyria Moore by stating that she actually had no hands in any of the murders she had committed.

The police quickly mounted a hunt for her and were able to track her down using some of their gathered leads from different pawn shops where she sold the properties of her victims. Reports have it that she was finally arrested at a biker bar in Florida.

Furthermore, Tyria Moore also confessed in Aileen’s court trial that Aileen is guilty of the charges. She stated that she confessed to her first victim, Richard Mallory. Based on Tyria Moore’s testimony and the evidence provided by the police, Aileen was convicted and was later executed through lethal injection on October 9, 2002.

Where Is Tyria Moore Now?

After her experience with her ex-lover and the lessons she gained from it, Tyria Moore decided to keep all about herself on the low. To this end, it is currently unknown if she ventured into another relationship after her last experience with Aileen Wuornos. Nothing is also not known about what she has her hands on at this time. All that is known relating to her current state is that she is presently residing with her family in Pennsylvania. However, the specific family that she lives with is not clear.

Tyria Moore

How Old is Tyria Moore Today?

Tyria Moore is 61 years old. She was born on the 3rd of August, 1962, in Cadiz, Ohio, in the United States. The American citizen has kept details about her ethnicity under wraps. She has also concealed all about her childhood, however, it is believed that she grew up in the United States.

Being that she lives a private life, Tyria has revealed nothing about her family. This made it impossible to ascertain the names of her parents, but her father is reportedly a well-known carpenter and brick mason in the same community where she grew up. Based on available information, Tyria Moore grew up with a sister and three brothers, whose details are not available to the public.

The schools where Tyria Moore had her basic school education are unknown but it is known that she graduated from Harrison Hills Vocational School in the United States. Further details about whether she earned a degree from a college or university are also not known.


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