Who Does Asta Marry or End Up With?

Asta is most likely to marry Noelle Silva. As you already know, Asta has been seen with a number of female characters in the series Black Clover. But who does he end up with? 

Season four of Black Clover anime, which ended on March 30, 2021, is the latest so far. At the end of its last episode, Asta and Noelle were not yet an item. However, in the still ongoing manga series, Asta and Noelle’s relationship is becoming stronger as the series progresses. So why is Asta and Noelle likely to be endgame? We will see the reason why in a bit. But first, let’s examine his ‘situation-ships’ with Sister Lily and Mimosa and why they are unlikely to end up with him.

Asta’s Obsession With Sister Lily

His undying affection for Sister Lily has been expressed by the latter with proposals upon proposals. But unfortunately for Asta, Sister Lily does not feel the same way as he does. Asta’s affection for Sister Lily can be described as a youthful crush. Sister Lily’s care for him in the orphanage must have been the closest thing to a mother’s love Asta has ever experienced, thus the infatuation – more like an Oedipus complex-like situation.

The chances of Asta and Sister Lily ever being together are zero. He seems to have realized this as well. In Chapter 332, he made his final proposal to Sister Lily and was rejected again. Sister Lily in her rejection, called him “My Dashing, Cute Little Brother”, effectively defining their relationship. While the two care for each other, they aren’t ending up together.

Asta and Mimosa Vermilion’s Relationship

Another potential love interest is Mimosa Vermillion. She is a strong contender for his affection and Noelle’s love rival. Unfortunately for her, he is oblivious to her feelings for him and treats her actions as just kind gestures from a friend. They come from different squads, and although they carry out tasks together occasionally, their interaction can not be compared with that of Noelle. Mimosa is likely to remain one-sided as her love rival, Noelle has the upper hand.

Asta and Noelle’s Relationship

Their relationship between Asta and Noelle has come a long way, from unwilling squad mates to friends and finally partners in crime. During this process, Noelle learned to let go of her prejudice and dislike for Asta. She now respects him for his bravery and loyalty. 

Asta, on his part, helped her master her magic and saved her on several occasions; when Vetto attacked her, when Solid ridiculed and embarrassed her, and when she lost control while learning Sea Dragon’s Cradle.

The pair are often hanging out together around the hideout and on missions. Moreover, Asta and Noelle have already acknowledged having feelings for each other. And at the Star Awards Festival, Asta also admitted that he likes Noelle a lot. And Noelle has finally accepted that she has strong romantic feelings for Asta. 

Will Asta and Noelle Get Married?

Although Black Clover is still ongoing, with the way Asta and Noelle’s relationship is progressing, there is a high chance that they will end up together. They might eventually get married, but it all depends on Yūki Tabata.

Interestingly Yūki Tabata has hinted that this will be happening with the special illustration released in promotion of the Black Clover movie in June 2023. In the illustration, the Black Bull Squad seemed to be shooting a film while Asta confesses to Noelle with a rose. If we are to go by this hint, then they will confess their feelings for each other. When he finally becomes the Wizard King, Noelle will be standing beside him as his Queen.


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