Who Is Deku’s Dad Hisashi Midoriya, and Where Is He?

Hisashi Midoriya is Deku’s dad, also known as Izuku Midoriya. He is also the husband of Inko Midoriya in My Hero Academia. However, Deku’s dad has not been featured in the series, so his whereabouts are unknown. 

The continued absence of Deku’s dad in My Hero Academia has intrigued fans. It has also spurned several wild theories about the possible reason for the absence and the possible identity of the man himself. Some even say that Deku’s dad may be All for One, the villainous character that he has spent his life fighting. How possible is this? Come with us; let’s explore it all.

Deku is the Protagonist of My Hero Academia

The narrative in My Hero Academia revolves around Izuku, aka Deku, a young boy initially devoid of any quirk, who later inherits the formidable ability known as One for All, embarking on a transformative journey of heroism and rigorous training. Throughout the series, Inko Midoriya, Izuku’s devoted mother, prominently features, while Deku’s dad’s presence remains shrouded in mystery, piquing the curiosity of fans.

Apparently, Hisashi’s departure from Inko and Izuku occurred when the latter was four years old. Despite this separation, Inko still regards him as her husband, implying an enduring bond despite their physical distance. Although Hisashi has yet to appear in either the manga or anime, the prevailing belief holds that he is alive, even in his absence.

The anime offers clues regarding Hisashi’s current engagement, suggesting he is working abroad, with hints of a potential future appearance. Series creator, Horikoshi, alluded to this possibility during the San Diego Comic-Con Festival in 2018. Though the nature of Hisashi’s relationship with the main character, Deku, remains ambiguous, fans retain hope that he will make an appearance as the narrative unfolds.

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Who is Izuku Midoriya’s Father?

Hisashi Midoriya is the father of Izuku Midoriya in the acclaimed series “My Hero Academia.” The name ‘Hisashi’ is believed to cleverly reference the Japanese phrase ‘hisashiburi,’ signifying ‘it has been a while’ or ‘long time no see.’ He bears a remarkable resemblance to his son, characterized by teal hair and a similar facial structure.

Hisashi married Inko, and together they had a child named Izuku. However, Hisashi had been absent from Izuku and Inko’s lives for at least eight years, with Izuku being four years old when they visited Dr. Tsubasa. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed whether Hisashi occasionally visited them during his absence, it remains a possibility.

Given Shigaraki’s activities, who is also known as All For One and has been on the run, stealing Quirks, it is plausible that this may have contributed to Hisashi’s prolonged absence from his family. There is speculation that he may have seen Inko as an opportunity to have children and could potentially return later to persuade Izuku to become Tomura Shigaraki’s successor.

In Chapter 1, during Izuku and Inko’s visit to the quirk doctor, Inko revealed that Hisashi possesses a quirk enabling him to breathe fire. While the full extent of his Quirk’s power remains undisclosed, should he have pursued a career in heroism, his Fire Breath would likely prove formidable.

In contrast, Inko’s Quirk grants her the ability to levitate small objects but lacks suitability for heroism. Hisashi’s capacity to breathe fire could have played a role in shaping his career path. Considering his absence, it is feasible that Hisashi may align himself with dissenting members of society regarding the current status quo on Heroes. The nature of Hisashi’s quirk has spurred numerous theories exploring its significance in the story.

The combination of Hisashi’s presence and Izuku’s cautious mother, Inko, represents an ideal blend of parenting approaches for Deku’s upbringing. The name “Hisashi” may allude to the idea that his absence could have been beneficial for Deku, as anime characters often have names symbolizing specific traits defining their identity.

Where is Deku’s Dad?

The whereabouts of Deku’s dad, Hisashi Midoriya, have been a recurring mystery in My Hero Academia. After having Izuku with his wife, Inko, Hisashi moved abroad for work, leaving Inko to raise their son alone. It was revealed in the first episode of the anime that Deku’s dad was working in the United States, a fact shared by Inko when she took Izuku to see Dr. Tsubasa at the age of four. Despite Hisashi’s absence, Inko still refers to him as her husband, suggesting they remain a couple despite the years of separation.

The reasons behind Hisashi’s job transfer to America remain undisclosed, leaving room for various theories. Some speculate that he may have abandoned Izuku and Inko due to Izuku’s Quirklessness, leading to tension and personal issues within the family. Inko’s mention of Hisashi appears to evoke a sense of sadness, hinting at potential deeper issues surrounding his absence.

In the absence of communication between Inko and Hisashi, fans have devised multiple theories to explain the situation. One hypothesis proposes that Hisashi is working as a covert spy for the Hero Public Safety Commission (HPSC), investigating dangerous criminal cases, potentially even related to the infamous All For One. However, the HPSC is portrayed as a corrupt organization, raising questions about Hisashi’s involvement with them.

Another theory speculates that Hisashi might be All For One himself, having run away after stealing quirks from others. This possibility could explain his extended absence from his family. Another possible explanation for Hisashi’s absence could be a combination of both his current state and the corrupt nature of the HPSC.

All For One, as you may recall, battled All Might five years before he fought him in Season 3. This struggle damaged All For One’s visage while bringing All Might closer to death. Since then, All For One has been known to wear Darth Vader-style headgear. His involvement in secretive and dangerous missions may prevent him from returning to his family while keeping them safe from potential threats.

While there is uncertainty regarding the duration of Hisashi’s absence, manga author Kohei Horikoshi announced at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018 that Deku’s father would be revealed in the future. With the manga currently in its ‘Final Act’ and the final showdown with All For One approaching, it is hopeful that Hisashi’s return and identity will be disclosed soon.

Until then, Deku has been growing well under the care of his mother, Inko, and the guidance of All Might as his mentor. If and when Deku and his father meet, it will undoubtedly be an intriguing moment to observe their interaction. However, whether Hisashi’s appearance will lead to joy or tragedy is yet to be determined.

The mystery surrounding Hisashi Midoriya’s absence continues to captivate fans, but for now, the series progresses with Deku’s journey as a young hero, developing his abilities and facing the challenges that lie ahead. As the narrative unfolds, the eventual reunion with his father remains an intriguing and eagerly anticipated aspect of “My Hero Academia.”

Is Deku’s Dad a Villain?

The true identity of Deku’s father, Hisashi Midoriya, has been a subject of speculation among fans of “My Hero Academia.” Despite numerous indications and theories surrounding his character, there is no definitive answer to this question. One prevalent fan theory suggests that Deku’s father may be a villain, which would add a compelling twist to the narrative.

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Among the various speculations, one major theory suggests that Hisashi could be introduced as one of the villains in “My Hero Academia.” This potential plot twist, akin to those in Star Wars, aligns with series creator Kohei Horikoshi’s penchant for drawing inspiration from American films and shows. Such a revelation would raise the stakes for Deku, who has been known for his unwavering determination to take down wrongdoers.

In some variations of this theory, fans even propose the intriguing possibility of Deku being related to the infamous villain All For One. While the timeline might present challenges for this idea, it has not deterred enthusiasts from exploring this potential familial connection.

Another persistent question among readers is whether Deku’s father could actually be All For One himself. Hisashi Midoriya’s absence from Izuku and Inko’s lives for at least eight years raises suspicion, considering that All For One possesses the ability to steal and utilize various quirks and has a history of facing All Might, resulting in a disfigured appearance hidden behind headgear. The intriguing possibility that Deku unknowingly encountered his father after years of separation adds to the mystery.

It is also speculated that Deku’s father could be a villain based on his quirk. Hisashi’s ability to breathe fire suggests that his quirk may not align with traditional heroism. Fans draw parallels to All For One’s notorious habit of stealing quirks from individuals and evading capture. This shared trait fuels the speculation that Deku’s father might be connected to the enigmatic villain.

As the storyline unfolds, the true nature of Hisashi Midoriya’s character remains veiled in uncertainty. Whether he is revealed to be a villain or holds a different role in the series, the mystery surrounding Deku’s father continues to captivate fans and adds depth to the overarching plot of “My Hero Academia.”

The theories and anticipation surrounding Deku’s father, Hisashi Midoriya, add an element of excitement and intrigue to the series. As the narrative progresses, fans eagerly await the eventual revelation that will shed light on this intriguing aspect of the story. The potential connection between Deku and a villainous figure like All For One holds the promise of shaping the course of the series and deepening the emotional journey of the beloved young hero.


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