Will There Be Spare Me, Great Lord! Season 2 and Where Can You Watch?

There will be a second season of Spare Me, Great Lord! and one can be able to watch it on the Tencent Video streaming platform and possibly other major streaming services as well.

Spare Me, Great Lord! is a Chinese animated series based on a manga or, more appropriately a manhua of the same name written by an author named the Speaking Pork Trotter. The first season hit the screens in 2021 and was a viral success with the viewing public. This has led to a yearning for a second season. While the information on this second season remains hazy, we have got some pertinent details right here.

Has Spare Me, Great Lord! Season 2 Been Confirmed?

The definitive answer to this puzzle is yes. The second season of Spare Me, Great Lord! has been confirmed, and this confirmation came during the Tencent Video Animation annual conference held on the 8th of August 2022. Even before then, the official Weibo page of Spare Me, Great Lord! had also alluded that a second season was a strong possibility while touting the season finale of the first season in February 2022.

Of course, the first season of Spare Me, Great Lord! had a total of 12 episodes. The first episode aired on the 3rd of December 2021. The other episodes subsequently aired weekly until the season finale.

Spare Me, Great Lord! Season 2 Release Date

Although a second season of Spare Me, Great Lord! has been confirmed, the release date has not been confirmed. This has led to several speculations, but keen experts believe that since the second season was confirmed as far back as 2022, then production would have also started in 2022.

They believe that the production of the second series will last all throughout 2023 and possibly even 2024. Therefore it is believed that Spare Me, Great Lord! Season 2 has a likely release date of 2024 or, at the latest, 2025. This will be about three to four years after the first season of the series debuted, which is a significant gap.

Spare Me, Great Lord! follows a young lad named Lu Shu, who was abandoned by his parents. He gets into a serious accident but survives thanks to the pendant that his parents left him.

He later joins the employ of the heavenly network and embarks on an adventure in which he uncovers more facts about himself as well as the world that he resides in. Along with Lu Shu on his adventures is Lu Xiao Yu, his adoptive sister, who is prone to mood swings whenever he is not around.

Where To Watch Spare Me, Great Lord!

Despite the viral success of Spare Me, Great Lord!, it is difficult to find platforms where one, especially an individual that resides outside China, can watch it. The series is not available on popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Video, Apple TV, or Microsoft Store. Even Crunchyroll, which is renowned for carrying anime series and the like, does not have the series on its bouquet.

One platform where one can watch Spare Me, Great Lord! is Tencent Video. Tencent Video is a Chinese streaming platform that has hundreds of millions of subscribers. In fact, it is the fourth-largest streaming platform in the world. Therefore, if you live in China, you can watch Spare Me, Great Lord! on Tencent Video.

International viewers can also catch several episodes of Spare Me, Great Lord! on Funimation, a streaming service that is regarded as one of the leading distributors of anime and other foreign entertainment properties in North America.

It is, however, believed that the second season of Spare Me, Great Lord! will be made available on more platforms. Given how popular the series has become, many platforms will readily negotiate and pay to get the streaming rights.


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