Does Tanjiro Become a Demon and Does He Have a Demon Form?

Tanjiro later became a demon in the final chapter of Demon Slayer manga after he was infected with the blood of the Demon King. In his demon form, Tanjiro fights against his pals and his sister, but they manage to subdue him and turn him back into a human again.

Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of the Demon Slayer manga/anime series. He belongs to the Demon Slayer Corps and works together with other members of the corps as well as his younger sister Nezuko to conquer the demons disturbing the peace of humanity.

Is Tanjiro a Demon?

Tanjiro is not a demon but rather a human and a demon slayer. He was born into a loving family of eight comprising of his dad – Tanjuro; his mom – Kie Kamado; his younger brothers, Takeo, Shigeru, and Rokuta, and his younger sisters, Hanako and Nezuko.

Tanjiro’s family were people of moderate means, and he worked as a charcoal burner, but there was a lot of love and peace in the family. This was, however, shattered following an attack by the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji. Muzan kills every member of Tanjiro’s family except Nezuko, who he turns into a demon.

Luckily for Tanjiro, Nezuko still retains some human empathy and goes to great lengths to ensure that she does not hurt humans, including binding her mouth. Tanjiro on his own part resolves to join the Demon Slayer Corps to hunt demons and also to find a cure to turn back his sister into a human. In the course of doing this, Tanjiro turned into a demon briefly, but his sister and his pals helped to save him.

When Does Tanjiro Become a Demon?

Tanjiro became a demon in chapter 201 of the Demon Slayer manga aptly titled The King of Demons. In the lead-up to this chapter, Tanjiro, his younger sister, and other members of the Demon Slayer Corps wage war against the demons and gain the upper hand.

They eventually reach the stage where they confront the final obstacle, the Demon King himself and the progenitor of the demons named Muzan. They know that taking him out would mark a final end to the menace of demons terrorizing human beings, and they throw all they have into the battle.

Tanjiro is at the forefront of the charge, and he pays heavily for it. At some point, he is poisoned but nevertheless manages to get up and continue fighting. Muzan, on his own part, doesn’t let up with his barrage of attacks, and Tanjiro loses one of his eyes and his left arm. He is also mortally wounded and left on the brink of death.

It is a mutually destructive battle as Muzan is also left seriously injured and on the brink of death. Given that all his minions and demons have been defeated, Muzan realizes that his death would mark the eternal end of demons.

He, therefore, decides to give his blood to Tanjiro, turning the young lad into not just a demon king but also the strongest demon king ever. In this way, Tanjiro has no choice but to carry on Muzan’s nefarious activities.

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What Episode Does Tanjiro Become A Demon?

Tanjiro became a demon in chapter 201 of Demon Slayer manga. The anime series, which has three seasons, has only covered chapters 1 to 127 and has not yet gotten to the chapter where Tanjiro became a demon.

They are likely to cover it provided that the series is continuously renewed until it gets to a logical conclusion. The story arc of the death of the Demon King and his last-ditch effort to perpetuate the demon race by turning Tanjiro into the most powerful Demon King ever is one that is too important to ignore.

What is Tanjiro’s Demon Form?

In his demon form, various fangs and flamed-shaped marks appear on Tanjiro’s face, and his pupils become silt. Beyond the physical changes, Tanjiro acquires additional abilities and powers in addition to the amazing ones he already had.

For instance, in his demon form, Tanjiro acquires night absolute regeneration. This gives him super-fast regenerative abilities which he uses to replace his left arm as well as one of his eyes that he lost.

Another ability that Tanjiro gains in his demon form is unmatched stamina and endurance. Tanjiro also has the ability to resist sunlight, and this makes him even more powerful than Muzan, whose only weakness was that exposure to sunlight could kill him.

The powers that Tanjiro gains as a demon include shockwave energy blast, which enables him to create shock waves that can cause craters in the ground through energy generated from his mouth.

Tanjiro also gains blood demon art and can spring whips and other dangerous appendages from his back, which he can use to fight his enemies.

Does Tanjiro Turn Back Into A Human?

Tanjiro turned back into a human being in chapter 202 of Demon Slayer Manga. Initially, after Muzan turned him into a demon in his final act, he (Tanjiro) started attacking his Demon Slayer Corps pals. He also launched a brutal assault on his most beloved sister, Nezuko.

While lashing out at her and causing all manner of injuries, Nezuko holds onto Tanjiro and wills him to remember his empathy as a human being. Her efforts, as well as that of others, fail until the same medicine that was administered to her, which helped her turn back into a human, is administered to Tanjiro. He then turns back into a human being.

Is Tanjiro The Strongest Demon Slayer?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni is regarded as the strongest demon slayer to have ever existed. He is the progenitor of the demon slayer mark and was born with it. All those who come after have to train to get it. Yoriichi is also the first person to exhibit the ability to turn his Nichirin Sword into the Bright Red Nichirin Sword, which has many abilities.

Yoriichi also has incredible speed and reflexes and amazing sensory abilities. He is also a very intelligent fellow, and all his abilities manifested as a child. Everything that the subsequent demon slayers did, Yoriichi did it first. Despite this, there are those that believe and argue that Tanjiro is stronger than Yoriichi and is thus the strongest demon slayer ever.

One of the frequent reasons that they give is all the additional abilities that Tanjiro gained as a demon king when Muzan gave him a drop of his blood. They believe that these abilities, besides the one he already has, make Tanjiro the strongest demon slayer ever.


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