How Many Quirks Does Deku Have in My Hero Academia?

Deku possesses a unique set of powers known as “Quirks,” and he has a total of six of these quirks that each serve a unique purpose.

Originally, Deku was believed to only have one Quirk called “One For All,” which grants him immense strength. However, as the series progressed, we discovered that there’s much more to Deku’s quirk repertoire than meets the eye. In this in-depth exploration, we will dive into the multi-faceted nature of Deku’s abilities and uncover the true extent of his quirk arsenal.

Does Deku have a Quirk?

At the start of the series “My Hero Academia,” Deku, whose real name is Izuku Midoriya, is portrayed as a “quirkless” individual. Quirks are superpowers possessed by a majority of the population in the My Hero Academia universe. Despite not having a quirk initially, Deku is a determined and passionate individual who aspires to become a hero like his idol, All Might, who possesses the quirk “One For All.”

What was Deku’s Original Quirk and When Did He Get It?

At the heart of this thrilling narrative stands Deku, the aspiring hero who inherited the legendary quirk One For All(OFA) from the symbol of peace, All Might. Deku received this quirk from All Might after impressing him with his courage, selflessness, and determination to save others.

One For All is undoubtedly the core quirk that defines Deku’s journey in My Hero Academia. It is a quirk that accumulates the strength of its users and passes it on to the next generation. All Might, the seventh wielder of One For All, bestowed this power upon Deku, recognizing the young hero’s unwavering spirit and determination to save others.

List of All Deku Quirks in Order

As the story unfolds, a revelation unfolds that sends shockwaves through the fan community – Deku is not just the bearer of One For All; he is also the inheritor of six additional quirks. The source of this information is a mysterious vestige within One For All known as the “Quirk Singularity,” which allows him to communicate with previous users.

This newfound ability uncovers the existence of six other quirks dormant within One For All, each contributing to Deku’s ever-evolving skillset. In total, Deku is destined to possess seven different Quirks namely:

  1. The Black Whip
  2. The Float
  3. The danger Sense
  4. Super Regeneration: Healing from within
  5. Foresight
  6. Energy Transmission

These additional powers are remnants of previous users of “One For All” and are gradually unlocked as he becomes more adept at using his inherited abilities. Each Quirk offers its distinct advantages and enhances Deku’s overall combat prowess.

When Does Deku get His Second Quirk and in what Episode?

The first additional quirk Deku accesses is Blackwhip, a versatile ability that grants him the power to control black energy tendrils. Deku gets it in Season 5 Episode 10 of the My Hero Academia anime.

This quirk, inherited from the fifth user, highlights Deku’s potential to tap into the abilities of his predecessors. Blackwhip’s manifestation underscores the significance of the bonds he forms with the previous wielders of One For All, culminating in a united force that empowers him further.

When Does Deku get his Third Quirk?

Deku’s third quirk, the float quirk, was given to him in Season 6 Episode 9. The aftermath of Gigantomachia’s attack on the city is shown at the beginning of this episode. In this episode, as Deku is battling bad guys, the Float quirk unexpectedly comes under his control. This peculiarity enables Deku to fly and levitate.

Deku makes use of the Float quirk in both offensive and defensive situations. To avoid incoming strikes, save friends, and gain an advantage in battle, he can fly. Additionally, as long as Deku is airborne, the ability to resist decay counteracts Shigaraki’s peculiarity.

Nana Shimura, One For All’s seventh user, is responsible for passing on the Float quirk. It can also be assumed that Deku’s training and mastery of One For All led to the discovery of the Float quirk.

Dekus Fourth Quirk: Danger Sense

The fourth quirk Deku discovers is Danger Sense, bequeathed by the second user of One For All. This unique ability grants him an enhanced sixth sense, providing precognitive insights into potential threats and impending dangers. Danger Sense enhances Deku’s situational awareness, making him an even more formidable hero and allowing him to protect not just himself but also those around him.

Deku’s Fifth Quirk: Super Regeneration

The fifth quirk Deku accesses is Super Regeneration, inherited from the third user. This remarkable ability allows him to heal injuries at an accelerated rate, mending wounds and recuperating from harm faster than ever before. Super Regeneration not only bolsters Deku’s survivability in intense battles but also reflects his deep-seated desire to protect and save others, even at the cost of his well-being.

Deku’s Sixth Quirk: Foresight

The sixth quirk that Deku awakens is Foresight, passed down by the sixth user of One For All. This extraordinary ability grants him the power to see brief glimpses of the future during combat, enabling him to predict opponents’ moves and react accordingly. Foresight elevates Deku’s fighting prowess to an unprecedented level, ensuring that he remains one step ahead of his adversaries.

Deku’s Final Quirk

The seventh and final quirk Deku unlocks is Energy Transfer, an ability gifted by the first user of One For All. This quirk enables him to distribute the power of One For All to others temporarily, amplifying their abilities and transforming them into pseudo-quirk users.

Energy Transfer showcases Deku’s potential to become a symbol of hope, capable of empowering and inspiring a new generation of heroes. Although not all seven Quirks have been fully explored or revealed in the series yet, some have already been introduced.

Was Deku’s Quirk Stolen?

No, Deku’s quirk “One For All” was not stolen. It was willingly passed down to Bakugo during the fight with 9s to help defeat him. Deku gave OFA to Bakugou because he thought it was the end of his journey as the holder of OFA and he was OK with it.

He didn’t care, as long as he could protect islanders he didn’t mind letting go of his dream as the hero. He could have run away like All Might did when he faced AFO as a teenager but he chose not to.

Does Deku Get His Original Quirk Back?

Yes, OFA seeing this act of Deku decided that Deku was worthy of wielding this power and rejected Bakugou by going back to Deku and erasing Bakugou’s memories of the fight to tie all loose ends. OFA has a will and it was briefly shown in Season 2.

The inclusion of multiple Quirks adds an exciting layer of complexity to Deku’s character development and opens up new possibilities for his growth as a hero. The hidden arsenal of Deku’s quirks also serves as a powerful metaphor for the boundless potential that resides within each individual, waiting to be awakened and utilized for the greater good. Fans eagerly anticipate discovering the full extent and nature of each Quirk as they are unveiled throughout the series.


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