Vampire Academy Season 2: When Is the Release Date or is it Canceled?

There is no release date for Vampire Academy Season 2 as the show was canceled after its first season. Vampire Academy is an American fantasy TV series that aired in 2022. It is based on a series of six books penned by Richelle Mead.

Vampire Academy garnered a pretty decent followership both in the U.S. and beyond. However, it failed to become a hit and was canceled after its first season. As things stand, there will not be Vampire Academy season 2.

Recap of Vampire Academy Season 1 Ending

Vampire Academy is set in a society divided into two categories. We have the Moroi royalty, i.e., pure vampires, who drink blood but don’t kill humans, and the ordinary class, the half-human and half-vampire protectors of the Moroi royalty known as Dhampir. These two groups constantly battle against the Strigoi, vampires that kill humans and target the Moroi.

The protagonists of Vampire Academy are a Moroi princess named Lissa and her Dhampir protector named Rose. They have to confront challenges facing their society and personal life. In the final episode of season 1 of Vampire Academy, their society, known as Dominion, comes under serious attack from the Strigoi.

While they work to fend off this, an even more dangerous internal threat arises in Tatiana, who plots to assume rulership of dominion and uses her Strigoi minions to achieve her aim. At the end of it all, Tatiana assumes rulership of Dominion while Lissa and Rose flee to re-strategize and return. Meanwhile, Lissa’s brother, Andre, is injured and awakens with a red eye, potentially indicating that he has turned into a dangerous vampire.

The Show Received Mixed Reviews

Vampire Academy debuted on such a high. It didn’t even have to air a pilot first for approval. It was ordered straight to series, and fans loved it when it eventually made it to the screens. Even though the viewership was not amongst the highest on TV, it garnered decent followership in the U.S. and was also broadcasted in 100 countries internationally.

Vampire Academy also received mixed reviews from the critics. The Hollywood Reporter felt it had some deep premise but ultimately failed to live up to it. They still described it as addictive though. The series scored 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and on IMDB, 6.4/10.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Vampire Academy or Is It Canceled?

There won’t be Season 2 of Vampire Academy as the show was canceled after its first season. Vampire Academy Season 1 comprised 10 episodes which originally aired from September 15 to 27 October 2022.

After the season finale, many fans were expectant that the show would be renewed for a second season, but these hopes were dashed after the parent network, Peacock, announced in January 2023 that it was axing several shows from its lineup. Unfortunately, Vampire Academy did not survive the purge.

Peacock would later reveal that Vampire Academy was canceled because it didn’t generate the requisite audience to justify further seasons. While they liked the show’s creative direction, they ultimately concluded that the viewership it amassed was not enough to go to further trouble.

If there had been another season of Vampire Academy, it would have focused on how Rose and Lissa work to ultimately sack Tatiana from Dominion. We would also have seen if Lissa’s brother, Andre, turns into Strigoi and if there is any redemption for him.

Fans’ Reaction to the Cancellation of Vampire Academy

The cancellation of Vampire Academy has pained ardent fans of the show and even its writers and creators. When Peacock initially announced that the show won’t be renewed for season 2, the team behind the series tried to shop it to another network with no success.
Fans of the show also trended “Save Vampire Academy” on Twitter and other social media platforms. They also launched an online petition to that effect.

The efforts did not succeed, though, but fans remained hopeful. However, These hopes were dashed when Julie Plec, co-developer of the show, revealed in a Tweet in April 2023 that the actors’ contracts had expired and that they were free to move on to other projects. This makes it highly unlikely that there will be Season 2 of Vampire Academy, but as Plec pointed out, one can never know what the future holds.


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