What Are The 3 Ancient Weapons in One Piece?

The three ancient weapons in One Piece are Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. These weapons are named after powerful deities and possess immense destructive power, each with a unique form. It’s also worth noting that these weapons aren’t limited to inanimate objects, as they can also take the form of living beings.

One Piece is a popular manga series from Japan that has gained a massive global following. It tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who embarks on a journey to locate the fabled treasure known as One Piece. His journey is fraught with challenges, and he encounters many different characters and obstacles, including the three ancient weapons: Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus.

All Ancient Weapons in One Piece

One Piece has captivated fans of the series with its unique blend of adventure, humor, and drama, as well as its intricate world-building and rich lore. One of the most fascinating aspects of the One Piece world is the concept of the ancient weapons, three powerful and mysterious artifacts that hold the key to the fate of the world. The three ancient weapons are believed to have been created during the Void Century, a mysterious period of time that has been lost to history.

The three ancient weapons in One Piece are some of the most intriguing and mysterious elements of the series’ rich lore. Each weapon possesses incredible power and potential, and the search for them has driven much of the story’s conflict and intrigue.

While much remains unknown about the true nature of these ancient artifacts, it is clear that their discovery and use could have profound and world-changing consequences. As the One Piece series continues to unfold, it is likely that the ancient weapons will play an increasingly important role in the story and that their true nature will be revealed in all its glory.

Pluton, an ancient battleship, is said to have the power to destroy entire islands. Poseidon is a Mermaid Princess who has the ability to communicate with and control sea creatures, including the ability to summon Sea Kings. While Uranus, the third and final ancient weapon, is yet to be revealed in the series. Its powers and abilities are still unknown, even to the characters in the story.

What Are The 3 Ancient Weapons in One Piece?
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Pluton is the first of the ancient weapons to be introduced in One Piece. It is one of the three ancient weapons with immense destructive power. As the ancient weapon of mass destruction, Pluton is believed to be an ancient battleship that can level entire islands with ease. The blueprints for Pluton were created by the skilled shipwright Tom, who was forced to work on it by the government at the time.

The government was afraid of Pluton’s potential to overthrow them and ordered the blueprints to be destroyed and Tom to be executed. However, before his death, Tom entrusted the blueprints to his apprentice, Franky, who later used them to create the Thousand Sunny, the flagship of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The origins and location of Pluton are shrouded in mystery. According to legend, Pluton was built by the ancient civilization of the Void Century, a period of history that was erased from the records and was so powerful that it could level entire nations. The search for Pluton is a significant plot point in the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs of One Piece.

While Pluton’s true power and whereabouts remain unknown, its existence adds an extra layer of intrigue to the series. The legend of Pluton continues to captivate the imagination of fans, and its potential for destruction serves as a driving force behind many of the conflicts in One Piece.


Poseidon, the ancient weapon of the sea, is the second of the ancient weapons to be introduced in One Piece. It is believed to be a mermaid or a human with the power to communicate with the Sea Kings, the giant sea creatures that inhabit the world of One Piece.

The wielder of Poseidon has the ability to summon the Sea Kings and command them to do their bidding. The Sea Kings are feared by sailors throughout the world of One Piece, as they are known for their incredible strength and destructive power.

The current wielder of Poseidon is Shirahoshi, a mermaid princess who was born with the ability to communicate with the Sea Kings. As a result, she is a valuable asset to anyone who wishes to control the sea. Shirahoshi is a gentle and kind-hearted person who loves all creatures of the sea, and her desire to protect them is one of her defining traits.

In the One Piece story, Poseidon is sought after by the World Government, which wishes to use its power to control the seas. They believe that the wielder of Poseidon can summon the Sea Kings at will, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with. The Straw Hat Pirates and their allies are responsible for protecting Shirahoshi and preventing the government from obtaining the ancient weapon.

The identity of Poseidon has been a subject of much speculation in the One Piece world, with different characters suggested to be the Mermaid Princess at various points in the series. However, it is eventually revealed that the current Poseidon is Shirahoshi, the daughter of the Mermaid Queen.

The true potential of Poseidon’s power remains to be seen in the One Piece story. However, the ability to control the Sea Kings is a fearsome force that could change the course of history. The conflict over Poseidon’s power is likely to continue playing a significant role in the series, and the fate of the world may ultimately depend on who wields the ancient weapon.


Uranus is the third and final ancient weapon to be introduced in One Pieceand it is also the most mysterious. Unlike Pluton and Poseidon, very little is known about Uranus, including its powers and abilities.

Uranus’ true form is also unknown. It is unclear whether it is a living being, an object, or something else entirely. However, it is believed to be related to the sky and weather since the name Uranus comes from the Greek god of the sky, which suggests that the ancient weapon is related to the elements of the sky.

In the series, Uranus is sought after by the World Government, who believe that it can be used to control the weather. All that is known about Uranus is that it is the third and final ancient weapon and that it is said to possess incredible power and potential.

Despite the lack of concrete information about Uranus, it is clear that its potential power and significance make it a highly coveted object in the world of One Piece. It is likely that the search for Uranus will become a central plot point in the series’ future and that the true nature of the ancient weapon will be revealed in due time.

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