Who Is Yamato in One Piece and What is Her Gender?

Yamato is a major character in the One Piece anime. Also known as the Oni princess, she is the daughter of Kaido, one of the four emperors of the sea and she was first introduced in the Wano country arc. Although she is Kaido’s daughter and was raised to be his heir, Yamato who was first introduced to audiences as “Kaido’s son,” has a deep admiration for Kozuki Oden, a samurai.

She witnessed Kozuki Oden’s execution when she was eight years old, and ever since then, Yamato considered Oden to be her idol. She went as far as traveling to Kuri Castle in order to save the Kozuki family, but her father Kaido arrived there first and set the castle on fire. After Kozuki Oden’s death, Yamato made the decision to take on Oden’s character, imitating him and picking up his mannerisms.

She made the decision to “become” a man and identify as Kaidou’s son out of her desire to become Oden, causing Kaidou and his crew to also refer to Yamato as male. Yamato’s gender has been a subject of debate and speculation amongst fans of One Piece. In this article, Byliner extensively researches Yamato and her gender, clearing the air on the misconceptions.

Who Is Yamato in One Piece and What is Her Gender?
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What Is One Piece Yamato’s Gender?

Yamato is one of the most popular characters in One Piece. She came in at number eleven in the fan-voted Global Popularity Poll for 2021, conducted by manga publisher Shueisha. Her popularity was fueled by the belief that she is a trans man. However, Yamato is female.

The confusion over Yamato’s gender began when she was first introduced as Kaido’s son. She also puts on a Hannya mask which has a long blue goatee at the bottom and a blue wig with a very long, untamed mane at the top. When she was first introduced, her choice of outfit obscured her figure. Yamato is also referred to as a “he/him” by everyone in the Beast Pirates, as well as in the Crunchyroll episode descriptions. Additionally, immediately after her introduction, Luffy begins referring to Yamato as “Yama-o,” which roughly translates to “Yama-guy”.

However, Yamato is a woman. This was revealed in a set of Vivre Cards by One Piece author Eiichiro Oda in the fall of 2021. The anime and manga also both reintroduce Yamato as “Kaido’s daughter” after her face was revealed.

With her disguise off and her face revealed, Yamato has the physical appearance of a woman. She has long, white hair that is pulled back in a ponytail with orange rods; as it descends, the hair turns aqua-green, then blue, and finally ends in rectangular locks resembling Kaido’s. Yamato also has huge, orange eyes with noticeable eyelashes, gold hoops on both ears, and horns that are predominantly red at the top but gradually turn flesh-colored at the base.

Yamato’s current outfit is a sleeveless white dress with an indigo bottom half and diamond-shaped patterns on both sides. Similar to Oden, she is dressed in a pair of red hakama pants and sandals and has a massive purple and white nio-dasuki slung behind her back. The Long white sleeves that initially came with the kimono were torn off along with the rest of her former disguise, making Yamato’s kimono more form-fitting.

What is Yamato from One Piece’s Height?

Yamato is 8 feet 8 inches tall. Standing taller than the average human being, she is one of the tallest characters in One Piece as she was able to carry Luffy. She is also a very strong fighter and even engaged in combat with her own father and his group of people during the Onigashima attack. At some point, even Kaido himself had to recognize his daughter’s abilities in battle.

Since the moment she discovered Oden’s logbook, Yamato aspired to be like Oden and also realize his dream, but when Kaido learned of her plans, he beat her and had her locked up. In addition to being imprisoned in Onigashima at some point, her father regularly abused her as a child. As she fought her father and rebelled against him, she got defeated only to grow stronger with each attempt.

Yamato possesses tremendous physical power, she is able to wield a big, heavy Kanab, and is able to knock out Ulti with one strike. She is equally as physically strong as Luffy. She also has the ability to break incredibly tough armor and weapons.

Yamato can easily outrun anyone without getting noticed due to her incredible swiftness and agility. She also possesses a great degree of toughness and endurance, thus when she was engaged in combat with Kaido, she was able to withstand his blows and continue fighting.

Yamato consumed the Makami Devil fruit, which enables its consumer to transform into both a divine wolf and a human-divine will hybrid. Yamato’s physical prowess is enhanced by this demon fruit, which aids her in her conflict with Kaido. Because the wolf is a carnivorous animal, Yamato also gains enhanced predatory abilities as well as fangs and claws for use in battle. She has the ability to manufacture ice, add ice armor to weapons to make them more protective, and even breathe ice.


Yamato is one of the few people who are proficient with all three haki. She is skilled in the use of the Hoashoku Haki, which enables users to impose their willpower on others. Yamato also knows that infusing the Hoashoku Haki into her kanabo will increase the efficacy of her attacks.

She also uses the Busoshoku Haki, a technique that enables users to use their spiritual energy to encase themselves in imperceptible armor to enhance both their defensive and offensive powers. Also, she could injure Kaido, whose skin was supposed to be impervious, thanks to the strength of her Busoshoku Haki.

Yamato also possesses the Kenbunshoku Haki, which grants the user prerogative abilities as well as the power to use their sixth sense to perceive the presence, strength, and emotions of others.

In addition to the three Haki and devil fruit, Yamato also has Takeru, a massive Kanabo, and when she combines her strength with the kanabo, she can cause significant damage in a single blow. Also, thanks to her Haki, she can do flying strikes in the form of energy blasts, and in spite of her kanabo’s enormous size, she is able to operate it with ease and has mastered its use.

Who is Yamato One Piece Actor?

The character of Yamato in One Piece is played by a 31-year-old Japanese voice actress and singer, Saori Hayami. She made her voice debut as Yamato in the Wano Country Arc.

Saori has an impressive resume in the world of anime. She is well known for her roles as Miyuki in The Irregular at Magic High School and Himawari in Boruto. She also voiced Shinobu in Demon Slayer. When she was announced as Yamato’s voice, One Piece fans were very thrilled to have her join one of Japan’s most popular television shows.

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