What Is Gohan New Form, the Beast Form?

Gohan’s new form is a beast form called the Son of Beast. Thanks to the release of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, fans of the anime series are finally getting a long-awaited transformation of one of the series’ beloved characters, Gohan, who has been sidelined all along.

Although fans are fully jacked for this new form, this anticipation has been laced with a lot of unanswered questions. How did Gohan achieve his new form? What does it look like? How powerful is this new form? The answers to all these questions and even more have been provided below.

Gohan’s New Form is Son Gohan Beast

Gohan’s new form is a beast form that has been named Son Gohan Beast. Although Gohan’s Ultimate form was already very powerful, this new beast form, Gohan Beast, is likely to put the long-neglected character well on the way to becoming the strongest Saiyan ever.

In the Dragon Ball Super anime, Gohan states his desire to achieve a form that no one has ever seen. Even though he is yet to achieve this, Gohan was able to unlock a new best form name Gohan Beast.

When Does Gohan’s New Transformation Happen?

Gohan’s Beast form transformation takes place in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. After he witnesses what he thinks is Piccolo dying in the hands of Cell Max, Gohan becomes so enraged that he unlocks a much stronger form called Gohan Beast. Orange Piccolo tells Gohan that he has the potential to unlock the most powerful being on earth if he draws out all his strength to protect his world.

Although Gohan has grown seemingly weak from his years of living a laid-back life simply as a father and scholar, Piccolo’s supposed death was just the right push he needed to achieve this new form which is his most powerful form yet.

What Is Gohan New Form, the Beast Form?
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How Strong is Gohan Beast?

While promoting Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Akira Tomiya, who is the creator of the Dragon Ball Super series, says that Gohan is the strongest character in the series. And while some fans think that he only said this to promote the movie, several incidents in the movie have confirmed that there is much truth to the claim.

Just as the new forms of the Saiyans are usually attained in a state of rage, Gohan was able to unlock his beast form when he became enraged at Cell Max for supposedly killing his revered teacher, Piccolo. Afterward, he easily subverts a full-power punch from the villain and even overpowers him. The fact that he can overpower Cell Max, who has always been reputed to be the strongest cell form ever, is enough evidence that Beast Gohan is the strongest Saiyan ever.

Is Beast Gohan Stronger Than Goku?

The Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama stated that in his beast mode, Gohan was as strong as Goku and Vegeta, perhaps not stronger than them. With the absence of the iconic heroes Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the stakes are raised, and Goku’s son Gohan, who had antecedently been sidelined, is once again drawn into the picture to protect the Earth from its villains.

Is Beast Form the Final Gohan Form?

Before it was formally named the Son Gohan Beast, Gohan’s new form was called the Final Gohan. Even though there has been no explanation for this, it strongly suggests that this might be the final form Gohan will be able to unlock before the end of the series. Below is a list of all of Gohan’s forms and when he unlocked them.

  • Gohan Great Ape Form: Unlocked in the Vegeta Sage of Dragon Ball Z
  • Unlock Potential Form: Unlocked in the Namak Saga of Dragon Ball Z
  • Gohan Super Saiyan Form: Unlocked in
  • Gohan Super Saiyan 2 Form: Unlocked in the Cell Game Saga of Dragon Ball Z
  • Ultimate Gohan: Unlocked in the fusion Saga of Dragon Ball Z
  • Gohan Beast Form: Unlocked in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero


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