Who Did Naruto Kill and How Many Are They?

Despite being one of the strongest characters in the eponymous series, with the capability to defeat and even kill a bunch of villains, Naruto Uzumaki has only actually killed one person. The only character that the protagonist has killed so far is Yura, a fifth Kazekage Gaara, and a sand Shinobi.

However, the death of Yura is still under debate on whether it counts as killing because, by the time Naruto hit Yura with his Rasengan, some fans speculate that Yura was already dead.

Naruto was a great Shinobi, maybe the strongest, only rivaled by Sasuke, and although he always seemed to enter battles with the intention of killing his opponents, it appears that he has been only able to kill just one person–as he doesn’t appear to have directly killed any of his numerous opponents with the exception of Yura.

How Many People Did Naruto Kill?

Naruto has not technically been a killer so far in the series. The only character whose death has been directly associated with Naruto is Yura, but even that is under debate by some fans. Because Yura was an Itachi clone, with his life seized by Pain’s shapeshifting Jutsu, he has been speculated to already have been a corpse and that Naruto merely severed the transformation with his Rasengan, making it not to be an actual killing.

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However, the protagonist has been indirectly responsible for some deaths. For example, Raiga, a Hidden Mist ninja, was sent flying off a cliff by Naruto’s Rasengan. The fall from the cliff made Raiga kill himself as he fell because he believed the fall would kill him anyways.

But, Raiga’s daughter couldn’t forgive anyone and carried the hurt in her heart for many years, which inspired her to seek vengeance. However, Naruto isn’t entirely to blame for Raiga’s death.

Naruto also contributed to Urashiki Otsutsuki’s death. In a Boruto filler plot, Urashiki goes back in time to hurt Naruto’s younger self. In this non-canon adventure, Naruto was partly to blame for the character’s death because he collaborated with Sasuke, Boruto, and Jiraiya to destroy Urashiki.

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It seems strange that the aspiring Hokage eventually kills Yura when bigger, more heinous villains escape with their lives intact, although Naruto thought he was fighting Itachi.

Naruto Uzumaki has always been portrayed as a fighter who would do anything to protect his village, and for a series that actively tries to avoid showing Naruto as a killer, it could be reasonable to assume that the story’s protagonist has a lot of blood on his hands because he defeats so many adversaries throughout the series.

Although he defeats a lot of villains, he never kills them, which is surprising because the series features its fair share of violence, blood, gore, and impalement and is set in a world of rival ninja states with supernatural powers. In Naruto’s quest to become the Hokage, the improbable hero of Konoha finds himself in the middle of a number of seismic battles and has also been the victim of some rather vicious assaults, but despite being involved in numerous fights, he only kills one person.

Does Naruto Kill Pain?

Nagato, also known as Pain, is one of the main villains in Naruto Shippuden, and after he defeats the other six Pains, leaving just the real Pain (Nagato), Naruto decides to seek out the real Nagato so they may speak face-to-face because he was still torn between the emotions he is experiencing and the words Pain earlier said to him.

Naruto decides not to kill Nagato after hearing about his life and understanding how he turned into a villain. Because they were both pupils of a master who desired to bring peace, Naruto believed that his first step in trying to improve the world and end the cycle of hatred was to not act on his hatred for Nagato.

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Because Naruto decided not to kill him and also learned that he was the inspiration for Jiraiya’s main character in “The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja,” Nagato makes the decision to give Naruto a farewell gift. Using his Rinne Tensei ability, Nagato is able to resurrect all the people who died in a fight with him, including those who died when he destroyed the village of Konoha.

While the harm Nagato caused to Konoha itself wouldn’t entirely be repaired, a significant portion of the trauma caused by the entire catastrophe was relieved. Unfortunately, Pain did not have enough chakra for all the resurrections and as such would not survive it. But he went ahead with the resurrections to help naruto break the cycle of hatred. Nagato (pain) ended up sacrificing himself.

Thus, Naruto did not kill Pain. He was, however, indirectly responsible for his death because he was able to convince Pain to turn a new leaf, and in turning a new leaf, Pain sacrificed himself.

Was Naruto About to Kill Boruto?

No, Naruto Uzumaki was not about to kill his son Boruto. He was instead having a panic attack. The highly debated episode 220 of Boruto saw fans speculating if Naruto was indeed about to kill his son after having a heart-to-heart talk with him.

Some fans believe that Naruto was about to kill Boruto since he was already being drained by Momoshiki’s Kama seal. Based on research, we think that Naruto was not about to kill Boruto in the highly debated scene. Naruto told his son that he would always protect his children and even put himself on the line for them. Thus, there is no way he was planning to kill Boruto after the emotional speech.

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Following their emotional father-son conversation, Boruto falls asleep in his father’s arms after telling his father that he is exhausted after Naruto hugs him. As he gives his son a hug, Naruto begins to breathe heavily. Fans speculated that he would cast his Rasengan at that moment because that is the position his hands are in typically when he uses that power.

However, he lifts his trembling hand and looks at it instead. In the middle of that scene, Amado interrupts and offers Naruto some medicine to lessen the effects of the Kama seal.

While the majority of viewers assumed that Naruto was about to kill Boruto at that moment, this scene is actually a reference to Naruto Shippuden episode 209, where during a mission to find Sasuke, he hyperventilates and passes out due to the news surrounding the mission, Sakura’s absence, and fear that Sasuke will kill her.

Thus, Boruto episode 220 is a reflection of Naruto episode 209, showing Naruto’s behavior when he is in panic mode.

Did Naruto Kill Yura?

Yes, Naruto killed Yura, although, as previously explained, Yura’s death is still being debated, which is further fueled by the fact that Yura’s death defies the unwritten Shonen rule that protagonists shouldn’t be ruthless killers. This led to some speculation that Pain’s Shapeshifting Jutsu killed Yura and that Naruto’s large Rasengan did nothing more than interrupt the transformation and leave a corpse behind.

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Although nothing in canon suggests it, Yura being killed by Pain rather than Naruto would allow the title character to maintain his moral superiority of not landing the killing blow.

However, Yura is the only character that was actually killed by Naruto in the series. Yura’s death might have been intended to emphasize Naruto’s heightened maturity following the time skip since the fight takes place at the start of Naruto Shippuden. It is also possible that the Akatsuki puppet was viewed as a minor enough character for Naruto to kill without having his morals questioned.

What Akatsuki Member Did Naruto Kill?

Yura is the Akatsuki spy that Naruto killed. Yura, a Sand Shinobi, served as the Fifth Kazekage Gaara’s counselor. He appeared to have been a brilliant counsel to the Sand and very devoted at first, but subsequently, it was revealed that he was also an Akatsuki spy.

When the Akatsuki abducted Gaara to their hideout, Team 7 and Granny Chiyo rushed to save him with the aid of Team 5, but Yura was transformed into a living puppet that resembled Itachi in order to delay the rescue team.

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