Who is Metal Lee’s Mother? Does He Have Parents?

The identity of Metal Lee’s mother has remained a mystery to fans of Boruto, but his father is Rock Lee.

Amid the mystery surrounding the identity of Metal Lee’s parents, the only confirmed parent of the genin is his father, Roc Lee. The mystery has helped the character remain popular among fans who are always on a quest to unravel the hidden facts about him. As such, many theories have sprung up in an attempt to explain who Metal Lee’s mother is.

Who is the Mother of Metal Lee?

The identity of the mother of Metal Lee is not known, and this has lingered on for years. One clear fact about his background is that he grew up in a circle of friends he inherited from his parents. His parents continued to be close to their childhood friends, and now they all have their own families, their children, including Metal Lee, have gone on to become friends.

In the absence of any credible information about the identity of Metal Lee’s mother, a lot of theories have been making the rounds in an attempt to find answers. One of the most popular theories suggests that Tenten is the mother of Metal Lee. This theory stems from the fact that Tenten was the only female member of Rock Lee’s squad, and it has been speculated that romance sparked off between them.

A scene from one of the Boruto openings has all the parents standing together, and Rock Lee is seen next to Tenten, further solidifying the claim that they had a child together. However, the theory is forked as Tenten has never been seen sharing mother-son moments with Metal Lee. They hardly interact with each other, and she has never been seen training him.

Another theory suggests that Metal Lee was actually born with a mystery woman while Rock Lee was on a mission. Nevertheless, there is no tangible proof to back these claims up.

Is Metal Lee Rock Lee’s Son?

So far, there is no doubt that Rock Lee is Metal Lee’s father. They even share a strong resemblance. Metal Lee’s appearance shows that he has shiny bowl-cut black hair and a pair of dark eyes complemented by thick eyebrows. The above-mentioned are some of the features he shares with Rock Lee, but Metal Lee seems to have sharper eyes.

Like Rock Lee, Metal Lee is hot-blooded, as seen during his training sessions. He is also good in taijutsu and is considered a genius in his clan.

Unlike his father, Metal Lee suffers from social anxiety, often worrying about what people think about him. He lives his life to impress others, and when in front of a large audience, he freaks out as he also has stage fright.

The part of Metal Lee’s personality that comprises social anxiety has been claimed to be inherited from his mother. This is because his father is quite the opposite and since the identity of his mother has not been revealed, she has been blamed for those traits in him.

Is Tenten Metal Lee’s Mother?

Tenten is not Metal Lee’s mother. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that she doesn’t treat him like a son. They hardly interact even though she is in the same village as Lee. Tenten is only close to Lee’s father but has no relationship with his son. Again, there is no similarity between tenten and Metal Lee to prove that they are related.

There are claims that Metal Lee was adopted, while others say he was born asexually, like what happened with Orochimaru. Be it what it may, the identity of Metal Lee’s mother is not known, and that is not to change at any moment.

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