Who Is Wenwen Han From Karate Kid and Where Is She Now?

Wenwen Han is a Chinese actress, violinist, and dancer who came to media attention for her role as Meiying in the 2010 film The Karate Kid. She continues to act till date and is also active on social media.

While Harald Zwart’s 2010 version of the 1984 film, also named “The Karate Kid” brought Wenwen Han to the spotlight, the actress has been a talented kid from childhood. Before she went into acting as a profession, she trained as a violinist and dancer and has continued to practice the crafts to date.

What is Wenwen Han’s Age Today?

Wenwen Han is currently 28 years old as she was born on August 24, 1995, in Xian, China. Her nationality is Chinese, and she can speak both English language and Mandarin.

She grew up in her place of birth, where she was likely raised as an only child. Wenwen has not revealed if she is an only child, but given the period she was born (during China’s one-child policy), she is likely the only child of her parents. There are reports that her father is a business owner while her mother is a nurse.

Her educational background is not public knowledge, but Wenwen seems to be educated at the college level. She is also trained in her craft. She received training as a dancer and displayed her dancing skills during her time on the set of Karate Kid. Wenwen is also a trained violinist, a skill she acquired in childhood. She equally played the instrument in Karate Kid.

Wenwen Han’s Career Exploits

After getting proper training as a violinist and dancer, Wenwen started acting in 2007 as a child actor. Her first role was in the Chinese war drama named Zhong Guo Xion Di Lian. She continued to thrive in her acting career but didn’t get a big break until 2010, when she landed her role in Karate Kid. Wenwen Han was 14 years old in Karate Kid.

She played the role of a young girl named Meiying. Her character is the girlfriend of Dre Parker (Jaden Smith), who is being trained by Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) as a martial arts apprentice. Karate Kid (2010) was a global success that worked wonders for Wenwen’s career. She became an international sensation afterward, but unfortunately, she put her career on a break after the movie.

Where is Wenwen Han Today?

Following her appearance in Karate Kid (2010), Wenwen Han took a long break from acting. She did not make any appearances in new projects for some years but was occasionally seen on social media. This led to speculations about her, but she never addressed them.

Wenwen maintained a low profile for about eight years until she returned to the acting world in the Chinese post-apocalyptic film Ink & Rain in 2018. She played another role in 2020, appearing in the Chinese TV show Hai Mei Ai Gou. Her acting days aren’t over, but Wenwen appears to be engaged in other projects at this time.

The Chinese actress keeps up with fans through her social media accounts, including Twitter @HanWen2 where she has over 17k followers. There are other accounts on both Instagram and Facebook where her name has been used. However, she is not the one running those accounts.

Though there are rumors about Wenwen being married to Taiwanese singer Ken Chu, this is not true. Ken Chu is married to a Chinese actress named Han Wen Wen, who is often confused with Wenwen Han. Both women are from China and are actresses, thus the confusion. However, they are different people. Ken Chu’s wife has also resorted to using the name Vivien Han to avoid confusion. On Wenwen’s part, she is not married, but there are reports that she is dating her Hai mei ai gou costar, Han Geng.


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