Does Finn, Bellamy, Lincoln or Octavia Die in The 100?

Finn Collins, Bellamy, Lincoln, and Octavia all died in The 100. Their deaths not only shocked fans but also reshaped the trajectory of the entire series as the destinies of these characters captured the hearts of viewers in The 100.

In the post-apocalyptic world portrayed in The 100, a widely acclaimed sci-fi series, the delicate line between life and death hangs in the balance as characters navigate treacherous circumstances. With its unflinching approach to delivering emotional moments and its willingness to eliminate pivotal characters, the show has left an indelible mark on its audience.

Throughout The 100, viewers have been captivated by the intricate journeys of Finn Collins, Bellamy, Lincoln, and Octavia. These characters, portrayed by talented actors, have become integral parts of the show’s fabric, embodying the struggles and triumphs of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. However, their narratives ultimately take sorrowful turns, as the harsh realities of their circumstances unfold. Join us as we uncover the intricate details surrounding the deaths of our beloved characters.

Does Finn Die in The 100?

Yes, the character arc of Finn Collins dies, taking a tragic turn that reverberates throughout the television series “The 100.” His untimely death has profound implications for the overall story and its characters.

Finn’s death unfolds amidst the escalating tensions and conflicts between two factions: the Sky People, survivors from the Ark, and the Grounders, the indigenous inhabitants of Earth. Driven by an unwavering determination to locate and safeguard Clarke Griffin, Finn finds himself entangled in a chain of events that culminate in an irrevocable tragedy.

In his desperate quest, Finn, accompanied by a small group, embarks on a rescue mission to find Clarke. However, their actions inadvertently lead to the capture and execution of innocent Grounders. This sudden act of violence and injustice triggers a thirst for retribution among the Grounders, escalating the animosity between the two groups.

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As tensions reach a boiling point, Commander Lexa, at the helm of affairs of the Grounders, demands justice for the lives lost. In a difficult decision, Lexa orders Finn’s public execution as a means of punishment. When Clarke and the others prepare to defend him, Finn, acknowledging the gravity of his past actions, makes a selfless choice and willingly sacrifices himself. His aim is to prevent further bloodshed and violence from plaguing both factions.

Unable to bear the thought of Finn enduring a protracted, agonizing, and degrading death at the hands of the Grounders, Clarke opts to end his life swiftly. She ensures that Finn’s passing is swift and devoid of prolonged suffering.

When Does Finn Die in The 100 and in What Episode?

Finn Collins meets his untimely demise in the midseason finale of Season 2 of The 100 titled “Spacewalker.” The episode delves into the aftermath of Finn’s capture and the emotional toll it takes on other characters, particularly Clarke Griffin, Finn’s romantic interest, and close friends like Bellamy Blake and Raven Reyes. The execution scene holds great significance and serves as a pivotal moment in the series, forever altering the dynamics between the Sky People and the Grounders.

Following Clarke’s discussion with the Grounder commander, distressing news reaches her upon her return to Camp Jaha. The commander insists on Finn’s surrender, triggering unrest among the Arkers who hold Finn responsible for the consumption of oxygen by The Ark over the past three months.

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Abby faces the difficult decision of sacrificing Finn to protect him from both the Grounders and their own people. Collaborating with Bellamy, Clarke assists Finn in escaping back to the Dropship. However, they encounter a Grounder ambush along the way, resulting in Clarke’s temporary loss of consciousness. Despite the skirmish, Finn manages to deter the Grounder without resorting to violence, commanding the assailant to leave.

Upon reaching the Dropship, Finn reunites with Raven and Bellamy, and Murphy joins the group soon after. Together, they work to aid Clarke, who remains unconscious. When Clarke regains consciousness, she tries to console Finn and offer reassurance, but he rejects her gestures.

Subsequently, Finn unveils a strategy to defend the Dropship against the Grounders, but he ultimately deceives everyone by surrendering himself. Clarke discovers Finn on the verge of execution and makes a final effort to save him by offering herself in exchange. Despite her impassioned plea, the Grounders remain resolute in their demand for Finn’s life.

With no viable alternatives, Clarke seizes a final opportunity to bid farewell. During their farewell, they share a kiss, and Clarke confesses her love, whispering comforting words to assure Finn’s well-being. In response, Finn expresses his gratitude, referring to Clarke as “Princess.”

This pivotal event profoundly alters the dynamics between the Sky People and the Grounders, leaving an enduring impact on the characters and the overarching narrative of the show.

Does Bellamy Die in The 100?

In a dramatic turn of events, Bellamy, a central character in the 7th and final season of The 100, dies in the episode titled “Blood Giant.” The circumstances surrounding Bellamy’s death were met with a mixture of emotions among fans, as it unfolded in a controversial manner involving his best friend, Clarke.

As the characters engage in the ultimate battle for humanity’s fate, Bellamy becomes entangled in a conflict that challenges his loyalties and principles. In an unexpected twist, Bellamy’s death occurs when Clarke, amidst a war against the “Dark Commander,” an alien entity, shoots him with her gun. This unexpected turn of events arises from Bellamy’s alliance with Cadogan, a character whose motivations are shrouded with dubious intents.

The catalyst for this tragic outcome is the discovery of a notebook containing drawings of the future, created by Madi, Clarke’s adopted daughter. A heated debate ensues between Bellamy and Clarke regarding the significance of the notebook and what course of action to take.

Bellamy believes that sharing the drawings will not put Madi in danger and emphasizes the importance of creating a better future for everyone. However, Clarke doubts his intentions and in a state of panic, starts shooting Disciples and threatens to shoot Bellamy unless he returns the notebook.

Tragically, Bellamy, trusting that Clarke would not actually harm him, persists in his beliefs, only to be met with a gunshot to the chest. However, due to a lack of ammunition, Clarke is unable to retrieve the notebook and make her escape.

These heart-wrenching events in “Blood Giant” solidifies Bellamy’s permanent departure from the show and elicit strong reactions from fans. It symbolizes the ongoing theme of survival and the sacrifices made to protect loved ones throughout the series. Bellamy’s absence deeply affects the remaining episodes, shaping the culmination of the story.

Does Lincoln Die in The 100?

Yes, Lincoln, a character in The 100, does indeed die in the series. His death directly results from the ongoing conflict and escalating tensions between factions within the show. Lincoln’s unwavering commitment to peace and his role as a bridge between different groups ultimately leads to his tragic fate at the hands of one of Pike’s followers.

In a selfless act of sacrifice, Lincoln volunteers to take the place of another character who is sentenced to execution by Pike, a vengeful Grounder leader. His noble gesture is an attempt to prevent further bloodshed and promote understanding between the warring factions.

The execution of Lincoln is carried out by Pike, who holds a position of power among the Sky People as a representative of the Arkadian faction. The death of Lincoln resonates deeply within the show, impacting both the characters and the audience on an emotional level.

Lincoln’s death has a profound effect on the characters, especially his romantic partner Octavia Blake, and it significantly influences the ongoing dynamics between the Sky People and the Grounders. It acts as a catalyst for Octavia’s character development, shaping her subsequent actions and choices.

When and What Episode Does Lincoln Die in The 100?

In the poignant ninth episode titled “In Stealing Fire” of the third season of The 100 series, Lincoln, a beloved character, tragically meets his end. Within this episode, Lincoln is held captive alongside Sinclair and Kane after being captured by Pike, the newly appointed chancellor of Arkadia, who harbors deep-rooted prejudice against the Grounders. Despite his imprisonment, Lincoln remains unwavering in his principles and continues to fight for what he believes is just.

The trajectory of Lincoln’s fate takes an unexpected turn when Octavia devises a plan to secure his release. However, Bellamy intended to assist Octavia in freeing Lincoln, nut he becomes inadvertently sedated and subsequently restrained in a cave. Octavia arrives in Arkadia and sets her plan into motion, which involves the liberation of the prisoners. Concealed beneath the floorboards, the prisoners remain hidden while Octavia, Miller, and Abby infiltrate the room.

Harper maintains vital radio contact with Octavia, providing updates on the unavailability of the exit. Fortunately, Monty devises a diversion to distract the guards, enabling the prisoners to escape. Nevertheless, Pike becomes aware of the situation and orders the execution of Lincoln, Kane, and Sinclair. While Kane and Sinclair manage to evade capture, Lincoln chooses to stay behind, recognizing Pike’s intent to carry out his threats of killing the imprisoned Grounders.

Octavia implores Lincoln to leave with her, but he steadfastly refuses, unwilling to sacrifice the lives of the Grounders. Despite Octavia’s offer to fight alongside him, Lincoln bids her a heartfelt farewell, sealing it with a tender kiss before sedating her and entrusting her well-being to Kane.

Lincoln willingly surrenders himself to Pike, leading to a heart-wrenching sequence in which he is forced to kneel in a muddy puddle, confronted by a gun pointed to his head. Pike asks if Lincoln has any final words, to which Lincoln defiantly responds, “not for you.” Casting a gaze toward Octavia in the distance, he affectionately tells her, “may we meet again,” before Pike mercilessly ends his life with a gunshot to the head.

The devastating turn of events surrounding Lincoln’s execution stems from Pike’s narrow-minded agenda, driven by a desire for power and the furtherance of divisive beliefs. Lincoln’s tragic demise epitomizes his unwavering commitment to peace and his resistance against oppressive forces that seek to undermine unity among the factions.

Does Octavia Die in The 100?

Octavia Blake, a resilient and transformative character in The 100, allegedly dies in the final episode of season 6, titled “The Blood of Sanctum.” Throughout the series, Octavia’s evolution from a concealed and rebellious figure to a formidable warrior and leader has captivated viewers.

The circumstances surrounding her supposed death contribute to an intriguing mystery within the narrative. In this season, the characters become entangled in a complex conflict revolving around the Anomaly, a mysterious time and space anomaly with profound capabilities. Octavia becomes deeply immersed in the secrets and enigmatic nature of the Anomaly.

Earlier in the season, Octavia collaborates with Diyoza in their pursuit of redemption and forgiveness after being banished from Sanctum. During their journey, Octavia’s hand is exposed to a temporal flare, resulting in rapid aging. To ensure her survival, she enters the Anomaly after Diyoza, who is chasing her unborn child. Octavia emerges seemingly unscathed from the Anomaly, with cleaner and longer hair, hinting at a longer duration experienced inside the Anomaly than perceived by others, such as Gabriel.

In the season six finale episode 13, “The Blood of Sanctum,” following Clarke’s triumph over the Primes and Madi regaining control of her mind, Gabriel, Bellamy, and Octavia return to Gabriel’s hut. They stumble upon a concealed device beneath the camp, crafted by an unknown individual thousands of years ago, adorned with symbols also tattooed on Octavia’s back. As the pieces begin to connect, Gabriel, after 150 years of studying the device, activates what appears to trigger the expansion of the Anomaly.

As the Anomaly expands, an adult Hope unexpectedly appears and fatally stabs Octavia. Prior to releasing her grip, Hope expresses remorse for failing to “get out of it,” suggesting a deeper significance. Astonishingly, Octavia acknowledges the apology and responds by instructing Hope to “be brave” and convey the message that “it’s done.” This exchange implies that Octavia possesses some level of awareness regarding her connection to the Anomaly.

In a startling turn of events, as Bellamy cradles Octavia, bleeding and on the brink of death, she disintegrates into nothingness, leaving Bellamy shattered and burdened with unanswered questions as well as his sister’s blood on his hands. Nevertheless, the true fate of Octavia remains uncertain, as her body seemingly vanishes into the Anomaly itself. This unresolved cliffhanger is anticipated to be addressed in the premiere episode of the seventh season.

The ambiguity surrounding Octavia’s survival lingers due to her body’s apparent assimilation into the Anomaly, alongside her essential link to Gabriel’s device and her involvement in the unfolding enigma encompassing the Anomaly and the unidentified individual responsible for Diyoza’s abduction.

Does Jasper Die in The 100?

Jasper Jordan, a complex character in The 100, met a tragic end in the 11th episode of the fourth season titled “The Other Side.” Throughout the series, Jasper’s journey was marked by trauma, loss, and a perpetual struggle to find hope in a hostile and dangerous world. As time went on, he grew disillusioned and disheartened, leading to a significant shift in his outlook on life and the decisions he made.

Jasper’s death takes place amidst the impending threat of a second nuclear apocalypse caused by the meltdown of Earth’s remaining nuclear power plants. Deeply affected by the ongoing struggles and numerous losses endured by the group, Jasper succumbs to despair and loses faith in the possibility of a brighter future. His choice to embrace the inescapable doom and reject the fight for survival ultimately seals his fate. He distanced himself from his friends and sought solace in drugs and alcohol as a means of coping.

In the 11th episode, “The Other Side,” Jasper tragically chooses to end his own life, firmly convinced that all hope is lost. By willingly consuming a fatal overdose of hallucinogens, he takes control of his own demise, tragically reflecting the toll that the harsh realities of their world have taken on his mental and emotional well-being. In an emotional scene, Jasper sits down, expressing his desire for Monty not to worry about him.

Although Monty attempts to intervene and make Jasper vomit up the drugs, his efforts prove futile. Jasper gradually fades out of consciousness while Monty watches helplessly, expressing his love for Jasper as he dies in his arms.

Jasper’s death was a deeply saddening moment for fans of The 100, yet it served as a fitting conclusion to his character arc. After enduring immense suffering and trauma, his decision to end his own life, while heartbreaking, was understandable. It underscored the devastating impact of the apocalypse on these characters and the extreme measures they were willing to undertake in order to survive.

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