Who Is the Strongest Naruto Character?

After a detailed consideration of different factors, Naruto Uzumaki has been declared the strongest Naruto character. It is not an easy task to rank the characters of the series, considering the fact that each one has a unique set of powers and abilities that make them different from the next character. However, we came to this conclusion going by superiority in battle due to their range of skills, abilities, and strengths.

As the series progressed, new characters with distinct histories and plotlines emerged in each episode. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were some of the most consistent throughout both Naruto and Boruto. Hence, a lot of the comparison came down to a choice between the two warriors.

Due to his predisposition for the Wind-type chakra, Naruto excels in close combat and has long-range skills. He mostly uses ninjutsu and taijutsu in battle and has shown a lot of skill using ninja tools, especially when he is with Sasuke. The two have been identified by most fans of the series as the strongest due to their frequent fights, differences, and display of abilities. For obvious reasons, though, Naruto still beats Sasuke.

Who is the Strongest Naruto Character?

Strongest Naruto Character

Naruto Uzumaki is the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure and one of the most formidable shinobi who ever lived. He is the strongest Naruto character in the universe when he is at his best, and he can easily defeat even the Otsutsuki aliens. The iconic character was able to challenge virtually anyone who posed a threat to the Hidden Leaf Village during the final arcs of Naruto and the first chapters of Boruto.

With a long list of great fighters up and down the pecking order, Naruto Uzumaki has been compared to a host of other warriors. While some were more skilled and even won more battles than he did, Naruto proved in certain different ways to be the strongest. He received the other half of Kurama, which gave him more strength and chakra. He also ended the Fourth Great Ninja War much stronger than Sasuke.

Why is Naruto Considered the Strongest Character in Naruto? 

According to some, Naruto is the strongest because he can wield an unparalleled amount of chakra energy. He possesses the entity known as Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, which was imprinted in his body at a young age. He also possesses natural leadership qualities, is naturally muscular, and can use multiple forms of the spinning ball.

The Six Paths powers that Naruto has access to gave him a significant advantage over his foes. The Baryon Mode was Naruto’s most potent weapon, but it could only be used once because it required using the Nine’s life force. With the Baryon mode, Naruto can outwit his opponents and render them useless.

He also Mastered the hermit mode, a skill that neither the legendary ninja nor the Fourth Hokage was able to master perfectly. He learned the superior technique of body multiplication from the parchment of the First Hokage, which became a kind of trademark given the versatility with which he can use it. In the parchment, the village’s forbidden techniques are legendary. These are just some of the reasons why he is considered the strongest Naruto character.

How Did Naruto Get His Powers?

Naruto Uzumaki got his powers from the sacrifice his parents made at the time of his birth. He was born on October 10 in the Hidden Leaf Village Land of Fire. Despite the fact that Naruto was born to Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, and his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, he was raised as an orphan in the Hidden Leaf Village.

On the day Naruto was born, both of Naruto’s parents gave their lives in the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox’s attack on the Hidden Leaf. In his final act, Naruto’s father, Minato, encased the newborn Naruto with the Yang half of the Nine Tails’ chakra. His destiny began to take several unexpected turns shortly after the chakra was implanted in him as a newborn.

Even though he received immense power at the time, it was only when he started to hone his skills after deciding to become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village that the extent of his power manifested.

Evidently, Naruto did not acquire any power by birth that he did not have to work for. It took a long time to become friends with the Nine-Tails, and even though he was born with a lot of Chakra from the Uzumaki clan, he didn’t have any Kekkei Genkai. However, receiving the chakra of the five-tailed beast Kokuo gave him more power.

Naruto’s Powers, Abilities, and What He Can Do With Them

Being the strongest Naruto character is not a small feat to achieve, and Naruto Uzumaki has a host of abilities that helped him achieve the status. Let us examine his powers as listed in the official databooks:

Baryon Mode

Naruto was unaware at first that he possessed this particular power. This is because it is only available to the Jinchuriki housing Kurama and comes at a high cost to the user. In this case, Naruto’s Baryon Mode combines Kurama’s chakra with that of his Jinchuriki. As the chakra makes Naruto stronger, faster, and more deadly to an opponent, the fusion generates an entirely new form of energy that the two can use. However, using Baryon Mode comes at a very high cost. When Kurama warns Naruto that using it will result in death, Naruto accepts because he has no other choice.

Fast Healing

Naruto and the Nine-tailed Fox Kurama have a sort of cooperative relationship. Because the Tailed-Beast is enclosed within Naruto, Kurama greatly enhances Naruto’s healing abilities in the event that Naruto sustains fatal injuries. This recuperating help permits Naruto to quickly heal from most gashes and stabbings. While this ability does not grant Naruto immunity to poisons or allow him to heal quickly enough to prevent damage, it does enable him to return to fighting form faster than the majority of other ninjas.


Naruto acquired the ability to fly shortly after the conclusion of the original series. He can effortlessly fly through the air by combining the strength he received from the Sage of the Six Paths with his own abilities. Because it enables him to attack the cosmic being from a variety of angles and to more easily navigate the numerous hazardous environments she warps to, this power was crucial in his final battle against Kaguya. Despite the fact that this ability does not appear very frequently in anime, and it is not entirely clear whether Naruto is still able to fly, it is still a very useful one.

Super Strenght

Naruto has the ability to strike people extremely hard. In the Naruto universe and anime, superhuman strength is fairly common, but Naruto’s physical strength is far greater than that of most other characters. Particularly in the wake of figuring out how to control regular energy and persuading Kurama to work with him, Naruto can obliterate even the most grounded structures with his exposed hands. Despite the fact that some characters surpass Naruto’s physical strength and fisticuffs become less common in fights as the series progresses, this orange ninja’s incredible brute strength almost seems unfair.

Inhuman Speed

Like many of the ninjas in the series, Naruto can move extremely quickly. However, in contrast to most characters who perform the infamous Naruto run, Naruto can move at such a rapid rate that it almost appears as though he is teleporting.

Once he has access to Kurama’s vast chakra pool, only the most skilled or gifted enemies can follow his movements. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto’s increased speed enabled him to accomplish what hundreds of other ninjas could not achieve.

Sage Mode

Naruto entered Sage Mode after learning how to gather and control natural energy from mystical toads. This technique greatly enhances all of his physical abilities. He can also consolidate it with his different changes to additionally lift his power. Despite the fact that other characters in the anime develop their own versions of Sage Mode, Naruto’s use of the transformation and his other abilities render him virtually invincible.

Due to his enhanced danger senses, Naruto is able to use Sage Mode to locate enemies and avoid blindingly fast attacks with ease. He could defend himself from Pain’s coordinated attacks and defeat the extremely powerful Third Kazekage as a result. Even though this power isn’t the most effective in terms of offensive use, it is extremely useful in the shadowy world of ninjas due to its excellent defensive and tracking abilities.

Frog Kata

The Frog Kata fighting style is another advantage of the Sage Mode. By surrounding it with a mass of chakra, this strategy significantly expands the range of Naruto’s physical attacks. This implies that he can strike an adversary regardless of whether they evade his punch, on the grounds that the energy encompassing his clenched hand is thick enough to likewise cause harm.

Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode

Strongest Naruto Character

Naruto is able to enter the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode after defeating the Demon Fox Kurama and later developing a friendly relationship with him. Naruto is covered in a golden aura as a result of this transformation, which also greatly improves his physical abilities and enables him to control an inhumane amount of extremely powerful chakra. As soon as he underwent this transformation, Naruto became one of the strongest characters in the entire anime and can now fight even the most dangerous foes with only a small portion of his full strength. He is the only character in the series with access to this ability.

The Rasengan

The Rasengan Is a very strong assault that Naruto gained from his father’s educator, Jiraiya. The Rasengan gives Naruto the ability to deal a great deal of damage to an opponent in a very short amount of time by rapidly rotating the chakra that is stored in his palm. In Naruto, Rasengan’s concentrated destructive power is almost unrivaled, allowing the titular ninja to defeat powerful opponents in places where he could not use his large-scale attacks. There is a reason why this is one of Naruto’s most well-known techniques, and it is also one of the series’ most effective jutsu.

Tailed Beast Ball

The Tailed Beast Ball is the signature attack of the various Tailed Beasts in the series. It is a potent technique that can level entire landscapes. After gaining Kurama’s trust and the Demon Fox’s willingness to lend the young ninja his chakra, Naruto is able to use this technique. Naruto can use this attack to fight other Tailed Beasts, which normally require an entire ninja army.

Ability to Summon Giant Toads

One of Naruto’s first overpowered abilities was summoning giant toads at will. He was granted the ability to summon intelligent toads the size of skyscrapers once he learned how to better control his chakra. Naruto could summon a variety of giant toads to assist him in battle by entering into a contract with the toads of Mount Myoboku. When he summons Gamabunta to help him fight Gaara, the latter transforms his sand into an avatar of the One-Tailed chakra beast.

Unbreakable Sealing Techniques

The Sage of Six Paths gave Naruto some of his power,  and as a result, he could use some of the strongest sealing techniques in the series. Naruto and Sasuke were able to ensnare Kaguya in a newly formed moon in her core dimension when they fought her. Because anything short of the ultimate lock would eventually vanish in the face of Kaguya’s incredible power and immortality, this is, without a doubt, the most effective sealing technique in the series. The only way to defeat the equally powerful Kaguya is to use this sealing strategy, which is ridiculously powerful.

Chakra Arms

Once Naruto acquired the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, he quickly learned how to transform his chakra cloak into arms that can be extended. With these chakra arms, Naruto is able to shape multiple Rasengan at once, snag enemies from a distance, and snag falling objects that are ten times larger than him.

He incorporates these chakra arms into his other attacks for more creative techniques because this power has a great level of utility. Naruto is one of only a few characters who are able to use this overpowered ability because a ninja must defeat a Tailed-Beast within themselves to use it.

Chakra Transfer

Naruto is able to improve the physical abilities of other ninjas by transferring Kurama’s chakra to them, much like when Naruto first tapped into Kurama’s chakra. He utilizes this ability to assist injured ninjas in recuperating from their wounds by expanding their ability to mend while additionally amplifying the strength of those still in battling shape.

During their confrontation with the monstrous Ten-Tails, Naruto used this power to increase the Allied Shinobi Forces’ overall fighting ability. Although Hinata and Naruto shared specialized chakra at one point, no other character in Naruto is able to perform a technique of this magnitude. As a result, Naruto becomes an even more important part of the international army.

Scorch Release

The attack from Halo Hurricane Jet Black Arrow Style Zero is as potent as its lengthy name suggests. Naruto and Sasuke combine this technique to significantly improve their most potent attacks, the Rasenshuriken and the Amaterasu, respectively. Anything within its blast radius is destroyed completely by this attack, and any creature that escapes its black flame vortex will suffer severe injuries. This combination technique is almost impossible to stop, and it demonstrates how strong Naruto and Sasuke are when they work together.

Sage Art

The Sage Art is one of Naruto’s most effective techniques: One of the most difficult-to-pronounce ultra-big ball spiraling serial spheres is one of the many. Subsequent to making many shadow clones, Naruto has them each make a huge Rasengan that basically shapes an enormous mass of conflicting vortexes.

One of the few techniques in the series that can harm a Tailed-Beast is the one Naruto used to defeat Kurama in order to gain access to more of the fox’s chakra. This method is not only impossible to repeat three times, but it is also impossible for any character to respond to the attack directly.

Every Nature Transformation 

After receiving chakra from the Sage of Six Paths, Naruto is able to make full use of every type of elemental ninjutsu. Because of this, Naruto has a wider range of attacks than any other character in the series, making it possible for him to defeat virtually any opponent.

In addition, he has easy access to Yin-Yang release techniques, allowing him to quickly restore missing organs and heal even the most wounded allies. He is significantly more powerful than the vast majority of characters in the anime and manga, even though he doesn’t get much time to demonstrate this ability. Large numbers of the Hokages in the series grow their ranges of abilities to utilize various basic kinds of ninjutsu. However, Naruto approaches everything.

Immunity to Illusion 

After making friends with Kurama, Naruto develops an almost complete immunity to Genjutsu and other methods of manipulating his senses. In Naruto, the only way for a character to escape a Genjutsu is with the assistance of another person.

The fox is able to immediately free Naruto from any method that manipulates his perception of reality because Kurama is another consciousness that lives inside of Naruto. Even though Genjutsu is largely ignored throughout Naruto, the orange ninja is unfairly powerful due to his immunity to these methods.

Truth-Seeking Balls

Truth Looking for Balls are strong circles of chakra that Naruto uses in the wake of meeting the Sage of the Six Ways. These energy balls contain each sort of natural chakra and can take the state of any weapon that is generally helpful to the client.

The Truth Seeking Balls are used by Naruto to completely neutralize enemy attacks and disintegrate larger obstacles, taking the majority of their appearance from short staves. This strategy, in a real sense, puts Naruto on fair terms with a divine being and permits the orange ninja to bulldoze practically every other person in the whole establishment.

Transformation Into Anyone or Anything

The fact that Naruto characters can easily transform into anyone or anything at any time is kind of understated. At various points in the series, Naruto employs the technique of transformation to imitate other characters, transform a shadow clone into a weapon, and create a giant fox that is similar to Kurama. Even though almost everyone in the series is able to use the transformation technique, Naruto uses it the most creatively and effectively. In the early parts of the series, Naruto uses the transformation technique to win crucial battles.

Wind Release

Rasenshuriken combines the potent Rasengan technique with an affinity for wind element attacks. It makes sense that Naruto is the only character in the franchise who is able to perform this devastating attack because it requires mastery over both the element and shape of Chakra.

On impact, this method causes a huge vortex and causes cellular damage to the target, rendering the opponent unable to fight. This becomes one of Naruto’s strongest attacks and the most potent wind element Jutsu in the franchise once he learns how to throw it and no longer hurts himself when he uses it.

Sage Art of of the Super Tailed Beast

Naruto’s strongest attack and the most potent technique in the entire series is the Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken, which he can actually use more than once if necessary. The unique chakra of each tailed beast is combined with the Rasenshuriken technique’s shape and nature transformation to produce a devastating assault that no opponent can defend against.

It is the culmination of Naruto’s labors and incorporates nearly every technique he learned throughout the series. No other person in the series can play out this strategy, which makes Naruto more overwhelmed than any of his different assaults or capacities.

What is Naruto’s Strongest Form? 

Naruto’s strongest form is the Baryon Mode. In Boruto, Naruto Uzumaki acquired a new transformation that enabled him to channel the maximum output of a new power known as Baryon Mode. This is the strongest form of Naruto. Similar to nuclear fusion, this form was created by using Naruto and Kurama’s chakra as a starting point to form a brand-new, more powerful chakra.

The power of Naruto’s Baryon Mode is like that of a subatomic particle with a mass greater than or equal to that of a proton in physics. Baryon Mode functions similarly to nuclear fusion, where two atomic nuclei combine to form a larger nucleus, and its byproducts are dispelled in a significant release of energy, as its name suggests. In this instance, Naruto and Kurama combine their respective chakras to form a brand-new, much larger chakra energy that grants them tremendous power.

The Baryon Mode gives Naruto godlike strength, enabling him to surpass Isshiki Tsutsuki. Naruto has almost invincibility-like power, speed, and fast reflexes in this mode. An opponent’s chakra is also absorbed and fused as part of the Baryon Mode, strengthening the mode while draining the opponent’s life force whenever they are near Naruto. Therefore, when Naruto believes that his opponent’s lifespan will outlast his own, Baryon Mode can be used as a last resort. When Naruto and Kurama work together in Baryon Mode, their deadly abilities are so powerful that even Sasuke is amazed.

Despite Baryon Mode being Naruto’s definitive structure, it accompanies a few significant downsides. Naruto and Kurama are unable to maintain this form for extended periods of time due to the immense amount of chakra required to activate it. Because of this, their combat time is severely limited, necessitating an immediate and straightforward defeat.

Their movements must be calculated and well-thought-out because time is of the essence to cut down on time spent on the form and save energy. Baryon Mode uses Naruto and Kurama’s very life force by putting a lot of chakra into it. As a result, this mode is extremely risky and has the potential to ultimately kill its user. If Kurama uses Baryon Mode too often, he runs the greatest risk of running out of energy and eventually dying.

Who is Stronger, Naruto or Sasuke?

Even Sasuke acknowledged the fact Naruto is the strongest shinobi ever. Even though they had to fight five times, Sasuke won two of them and lost the other two, their argument about who was stronger was put to rest in the final fight. Naruto demonstrated his superior strength once and for all. In addition, Sasuke lost his powers during the final battle despite Sasuke’s apparent superiority and natural talent.

Who Would Win, Naruto or Goku?

Despite Naruto’s incredible abilities, there is no doubt that Goku will defeat him in a battle. However, this is still largely speculation because the two have never battled one another. The issue here is that the universes of Mythical Serpent Ball and Naruto are still very unique with regard to the execution of a few major ideas, which makes it hard to look comprehensively compare both characters.

Going by their individual battles so far, we know that in terms of pure power, Son Goku has evolved into a genuine Saiyan god. He doesn’t have any superpowers like other superheroes, but he can use his body and fighting skills to make him look like a superhero.

Goku is a character who is always changing. After every big challenge, he improves his skills and potential, becoming stronger in battle. It is safe to assume that in that regard, his potential is virtually limitless. As a real god, he gets stronger with every battle, whereas Naruto’s powers are restricted by his humanity; hence, a comparison between the two might seem unfair.

In addition, Goku has more experience and has fought and defeated far more formidable foes than Naruto. However, keep in that he is not immortal even though he is god, and strictly speaking, he does not actually possess any known weaknesses. He can be beaten, but you won’t be able to use a secret weapon against him. You will prevail if you are a better fighter; If not, you can’t use a “cheat code.”

Luffy vs. Naruto – Who Would Win? 

When he uses both his Kurama Mode and his Six Paths Sage Mode together, Naruto is more powerful than anything Luffy will ever encounter. In his base form, Naruto possesses a tremendous amount of firepower. However, Even if Luffy obtained ten additional gears, he would still be unable to defeat Naruto in this mode. Although Luffy can wreak havoc, Naruto’s basic abilities still outweigh his greatest firepower.

Luffy lacks some ranged combat skills because he fights with his own body. In contrast, Naruto has a wide range of weapons and techniques that can be used from a distance.  Monkey D. Luffy is held back by a particular flaw because he ate a Devil’s Fruit, and his weakness is water.

Shinobi are taught how to use their chakra to walk on water, so tossing Luffy into a body of water is all Naruto would need to do. Naruto is also pretty good at learning new skills, some of which are focused on water in particular. Naruto could easily use this advantage to eliminate Luffy with a little research and Kurama’s power behind him.

Luffy has unrivaled authority over Haki. However, in comparison to Naruto’s energy reserves, which are the result of his Uzumaki blood, it is nothing.

Naturally, Naruto has limitations and weaknesses. However, Luffy’s weakness, water, is more significant than Naruto’s. Naruto can easily wipe out the island where they are fighting and force Luffy to dive into the ocean. Naruto wouldn’t even need Asura Kurama or Sage Mode to defeat Luffy in this situation.

Who is Stronger – Ichigo or Naruto? 

Naruto Uzumaki is stronger than Ichigo Kurosaki because he is a better fighter and has a wider range of skills and attacks than Ichigo. However, Ichigo is definitely quick in terms of speed. To keep up with base Ichigo, Naruto would need to use at least the tailed beast mode. Ichigo’s skills include a wide variety of Ninjutsu, Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Bukijutsu.

Naruto Uzumaki is stronger and can defeat Ichigo in his final and best form because he has a better healing factor, is a better fighter, and has more experience. Additionally, Aizen’s black coffin is not a real black hole, and Naruto is faster than light because Delta shot light beams at him, and he blocked them with a Rasangan.

Naruto and Ichigo are both heroes in their respective universes, but Naruto clearly has the upper hand due to the fact that Ichigo possesses fewer abilities and strategies. Ichigo would not stand a chance against Naruto’s vast chakra reserves because of the strength of Naruto’s Nine-Tails alone. Also, Ichigo is powerless when he is human so he won’t be a strong opponent for Naruto.

Is Naruto Stronger Than Madara? 

Madara may have grown up in battles, but he is still no match for Naruto Uzumaki. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto could fight Madara Uchiha on an equal footing and was not overwhelmed. Since then, however, he has honed his skill and acquired other interesting abilities.

if he was able to hold his ground against Madara during the Great Ninja War, then we are sure that in a match between the two, Naruto’s increased strength would defeat Madara Uchiha.

Who Would Win; Naruto Or Meliodas? 

Strongest Naruto Character

In a fight with Naruto, Meliodas could lose, but only by a small margin. Meliodas possesses sufficient supernatural abilities to outpace Naruto’s shinobi skills, so he would ultimately defeat Naruto in a fight. Although both of them are great fighters and would be a match for each other in terms of brute strength and stamina, Meliodas would certainly win.

Naruto Uzumaki is from the Naruto series, and Meliodas is from the anime Seven Deadly Sins. Symbolizing the sin of wrath, he looks like a young boy, but he is a demon who has been around for thousands of years. He is also the son of the King of the Demon Clan and was once in charge of the Ten Commandments. Meliodas was cursed with immortality for betraying his father.

Both of these blonde characters are extremely skilled, likable, and formidable. Meliodas is the head of the Seven Deadly Sins, and because of his extraordinary strength, he has never used real weapons in the past to avoid killing anyone.

The two are roughly comparable in terms of pure physical abilities, but Naruto unquestionably has more battle experiences. However, Naruto doesn’t really have anything to counter Meliodas’ supernatural and demonic abilities when they kick in. Hence, even though Naruto is a formidable warrior and a great shinobi, he could not compete with Meliodas’ demonic skills and abilities.

Is The Ramen Guy Stronger Than Naruto? 

Naruto will undoubtedly have the upper hand in a confrontation with the Ramen Guy. Teuchi, otherwise called the Ichiraku Ramen Fellow, is the proprietor of Ichiraku Ramen, a café in the Secret Leaf Town where Naruto Uzumaki eats. He is also a warrior worth his salt. He is so strong that his unique method of the sealing technique has the ability to wrap the entire earth in a ramen bowl.

He also has age as one of his advantages because he is older than Isshiki and Kaguya. The universe will begin to crumble just by the opening of his eyes, which are so powerful. However, despite all of the above, Naruto is would defeat him in the blink of an eye because he has more experience, techniques, and abilities.

Is Naruto Stronger Than Hashirama?

Against Naruto, Hashirama stands no chance. This is because, by the end of the series, it is confirmed that Naruto is the most powerful ninja in history. He possesses an enormous amount of chakra and the six paths sage mode. The Shinobi cannot even begin to comprehend Naruto’s power.

Although Hashirama is a formidable shinobi with equally interesting abilities of his own, he is unable to defeat Naruto in his best form. The strength and combat skills of the Seventh Hokage enabled him to completely take out a literal God on his own. Going by this, it is very certain that Naruto would win a one-on-one battle with Hashirama if the two ever meet.

Is Naruto Stronger Than Kaguya?

Strongest Naruto Character

Kaguya Otsutsuki is Stronger than Naruto Uzumaki. Although Naruto is a master of chakra, Kaguya was the first person on Earth to use chakra. There was once a fight between Naruto Uzumaki and Kaguya Otsutsuki in the anime, but that was more of a Team 7 fight. If Naruto and Kaguya meet face-to-face alone, then what will happen? Let’s examine some key comparisons.

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Naruto is more skilled, especially considering all the training he has received in combat. Kaguya, on the other hand, uses her powers more than physical hand-to-hand combat. So without the use of Chakra, Naruto will beat Kaguya. He also has more Chakra reserve with Kurama’s whole reserve on his side; however, since Kaguya is immortal and can absorb any Jutsu, she still comes out on top.

To her credit, Kaguya’s speed is above anything Naruto can keep up with. If this is not enough, she possesses complete chakra mastery, which means she can perform all five nature transformations and Yin-Yang Release. Naruto has very strong sealing techniques, but he would require the assistance of Sasuke to seal Kaguya. Hence she still has the upper hand if they are alone.

Is Jigen Stronger Than Naruto? 

Naruto is stronger and more formidable than Jigen. Jigen is Kara’s leader and Isshiki Otsutsuki’s host. At first, he was just a monk. However, after Kaguya betrayed him, Isshiki took control of his body and attempted to imbue him with Karma, but his body was not strong enough.

Among his many abilities, Jigen can absorb any Jutsu, enlarge any object, shrink it, store it in a pocket dimension, and release it. Jigen was powerful enough to press Naruto and Sasuke during a match with his impressive Taijutsu skills and scientifically modified body. Even though Amado had scientifically altered Jigen’s body, he could only use his powers briefly. Using his full powers strains his body to a breaking point.

When absorbing a Jutsu, his mobility is reduced, making him vulnerable to second-party attacks, one more of his flaws. During their fight, Sasuke and Naruto made extensive use of this flaw. With the above, it stands to reason that Naruto can easily eliminate Jigen if they ever engage in a single battle of strength.


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